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United Fresh Webinar Series

The United Fresh Webinar Series will present programs designed to help your company manage complex business issues.  Presentations will be led by subject matter experts, with ample opportunity for questions and answers.  Webinars are free for United Fresh members and $100 for non-members.

Upcoming Programs 

2019 CPS Research Symposium Key Learnings Webinar
7/17/2019 at 1:30 PM ET (10:30 AM PT) 
Webinar brought to you by: CPS, PMA, United Fresh, Western Growers
Leaders from allied associations will break down the key themes from the recent 2019 CPS Research Symposium, and lay a path forward on how to put the research into practice in order to enhance your operations. 
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Past Webinar Recordings

Manejo de Listeria en las Operaciones de Productos Agrícolas Frescos: Aspectos destacados de las actualizaciones de la Guía de Listeria de United Fresh (Recorded 5/21/19)

El enoque normativo y de salud pública sobre Listeria monocytogenes en productos agrícolas frescos ha llevado a la mayoría de la industria a implementar programas de monitoreo ambiental, a menudo haciendo referencia a la guía de la industria de Listeria de 2013 desarrollada por United Fresh. Dado el cambio en las regulaciones, el cambio en las políticas de la FDA y los nuevos hallazgos de investigación científica, el Consejo de Tecnología e Inocuidad de los Alimentos de United Fresh actualizó la guía de Listeria. Se añadieron más detalles sobre saneamiento y diseño sanitario, así como también una discusión mejorada de temas controversiales como los muestreos en la Zona 1 y producto terminado. Este webinar brindará una visión del extenso contenido sobre el tema que está disponible en la guía. Este webinar es parte de la serie de seminarios web sobre inocuidad de los alimentos y es patrocinado por Ecolab. View a recording of the webinar. 

The United Fresh Retail-Foodservice Board Presents: Fresh Insights for Foodservice Spring 2019 Trends Webinar (Recorded 5/17/2019)

The United Fresh Retail-Foodservice Board and Datassential for a closer look at what produce menu items are trending in restaurants, retail, home delivery and beyond. Moderated by Sarah Grady, U.S. Strategic Supply Chain at McDonald’s and Vice-Chairman of the Retail-Foodservice Board, this webinar will feature insights and analysis from Mike Kostyo, Trendologist at Datassential, along with time for audience Q & A and interactive discussion. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the Spring 2019 report. View a recording of the webinar.

The United Fresh Retail-Foodservice Board Presents: FreshFacts Q1 2019 Trends Discussion (Recorded 5/7/2019)

The United Fresh Retail-Foodservice Board and Nielsen Fresh present a closer look at key trends for the Top 10 Fruit and Vegetable Commodities for Q1 2019. Moderated by Jeff Cady, Director of Produce and Floral at Tops Friendly Markets and Retail-Foodservice Board Chairman, the webinar will feature analysis from Matt Lally, Associate Director, Nielsen Fresh, along with time for audience Q & A and interactive discussion. View a recording of the webinar.

The Conference for Food Protection: collaboratively influencing produce safety requirements (Recorded 4/16/2019) 
The Conference for Food Protection process provides a measured and collaborative means of forming and vetting recommendations, including Food Code changes and guidance information, to help improve retail food safety. This webinar gave a behind-the-scenes look at the process by which these requirements come into effect. Get a glimpse into how retail and foodservice practices related to food safety are evolving, and the consequence this might have on other parts of the supply chain. This webinar is sponsored by Ecolab. View a recording of the webinar

Provenance Labeling Q&A Webinar (Recorded 4/12/19)
As a condition of re-opening the market to romaine, industry agreed to voluntarily label romaine with the harvest source, and at that time, harvest date. The provenance labeling subgroup of the Romaine Task Force has since updated the recommended approaches to implementing this program. The purpose of this webinar is to share the proposed recommendations. View a recording of the webinar

Considerations for Entity Structure: Assessing Tax Law Change Impacts after the 2017 Tax Reform Act (Recorded 3/28/19)
Hear the latest changes in the tax law, how they might affect those in the produce industry, and how they might be applicable in M&A (mergers and acquisitions).
Speaker: Gary Wallace, CPA, Managing Partner, Keiter
View a recording of the webinar.

US Ley de Modernización de la Inocuidad de los Alimentos de la FDA (FSMA, por sus siglas en inglés): como los reglamentos van juntos (Recorded 1/30/19)
Este webinar, impartido en español, cubrirá cómo la Ley de Modernización de la Inocuidad de los Alimentos de la FDA entró en vigor, el proceso que FDA uso para desarrollar los reglamentos y como esos reglamentos básicos se combinan para proporcionar un continuo de seguridad alimentaria. También hablará del futuro de FSMA: reglamentos adicionales y áreas donde aún se necesita aclaración. Habrá tiempo para preguntas y respuestas. View a recording of the webinar.

FSMA: How the rules fit together (in English) (Recorded 1/29/19)
This webinar will cover how the Food Safety Modernization Act came into being, the process FDA used to develop the rules, and how the foundational rules fit together to provide a continuum of food safety. It will also touch on FSMA’s future: additional rules, and areas where clarification is still needed. There will be time for questions and answers. View a recording of the webinar.

Managing Listeria in Fresh Produce Operations: Highlights of the updated United Fresh Guidance Document (Recorded 12/4/18)
The regulatory and public health focus on Listeria monocytogenes in fresh produce has prompted most of the industry to implement environmental monitoring programs, often referencing the 2013 industry guidance developed by United Fresh. Given the change in regulations, shift in FDA policy, and new research findings, the United Fresh Food Safety & Technology Council updated the document, adding more detail around sanitation and sanitary design, and with enhanced discussion of controversial topics including Zone 1 and finished product testing. This webinar will provide a glimpse of the rich content available in this guidance document. Part of the Food Safety Webinar Series sponsored by Ecolab. View a recording of the webinar.

Economic Outlook (Recorded 11/29/18)
This 1-hour webinar explores the macro trends impacting the global economy, outline key economic indicators, and what all this could mean for 2018 and beyond.
Our featured speaker is Steve Elmore, Chief Economist, Corteva Agriscience – Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. View a recording of the webinar.

Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP) Informational Webinar for the Fresh Produce Industry (Recorded 11/27/18)
During this webinar, FDA provides fresh produce importers with information regarding the new Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP). VQIP is a voluntary, fee-based program that allows participating importers to import their food products to the United States with greater speed and predictability by avoiding unexpected delays at the point of entry. One aspect of the program requires foreign suppliers to undergo an audit; the 3rd party accreditation program will also be touched upon in this webinar. View a recording of the webinar.

Tomato Guidelines Updated: Wash Water & More (Recorded 10/9/18)
Learn the key updates to the 3rd version of the Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Fresh Tomato Supply Chain, referred to as the Tomato Guidelines, on this webinar. The guidelines apply to each part of the fresh tomato supply chain: outdoor and greenhouse growing, harvesting, field packing, packinghouse operations, repacking, fresh-cut operations through to retail and foodservice. Updated recommendations highlighted on the webinar include aspects of field packing, re-use of cartons, and antimicrobial use and wash water monitoring. Given the evolving research on the quality of water used to wash tomatoes, the second half of the webinar provides details on the wash water recommendations in the guidelines and discuss research currently underway. Because of the unpublished nature of some of the data shared on the webinar, we were not able to record and distribute a portion of the webinar. Please excuse this edit during Dr. Sunny Luo’s discussion. Part of the Food Safety Webinar Series sponsored by Ecolab. View a recording of the webinar. 

Traceability: Is the Continued Criticism Warranted? (Recorded 9/20/18)
More than a decade ago, the inability to quickly address produce-related outbreaks was blamed on traceability. Despite the launch of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), the accessibility of technology, and advances such as Blockchain, regulators, consumer groups, and the media still pointed an accusatory finger at industry traceability during recent outbreaks. Why? Understand the improvements that have been made, the challenges that persist, and how the entirety of the supply chain is coming together to tackle this issue. This webinar will review the difference between an outbreak investigation and a recall, what traceability can and can’t do, the current status of FSMA and other traceability regulations, and why regulations are not the solution.

All supply chain members should join this webinar, particularly those who are NOT currently subject to one up/one down FDA recordkeeping requirements. View a recording of the webinar.

Getting Ready for the Washington Conference (Recorded 9/18/18)
Gear up for the Washington Conference with your United Fresh Government Relations Team. We will share tips and techniques of how to maximize the impact of your Congressional Meetings and make them memorable while also diving into the important issues. View a recording of the webinar.

Déjà vu of Leafy Green Outbreaks: What We Know Today (Recorded 8/23/18)
Many have likened the recent Romaine-associated outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 with the spinach related outbreak of 2006. While safety programs and practices have continued to advance, several questions asked during the most recent outbreak were reminiscent of those a dozen years ago: how does CDC know it’s romaine? Why does it take so long for the agencies to get information out? This webinar will cover the fundamentals of the outbreak investigation process and relate them to the recent outbreaks. The investigative challenges will reinforce why most outbreaks have gone unsolved, and were largely unknown. Anyone interested in outbreak investigations will benefit from this webinar. View a recording of the webinar.

Congressional Agenda until November Elections (Recorded 8/15/18)
The clock is ticking and August is a great time to assess what we expect Congress to address prior to the mid-term elections in November. Join the United Fresh team where we will take a look at the current state of play for the November elections, how will that impact the legislative agenda for the remainder of the year, and most importantly what role YOU can play while Members of Congress are back home during the August recess. This will also be a great opportunity to learn about what is in store for United Fresh’s Washington Public Policy Conference. View a recording of the webinar.

Produce Industry in the Cross-Hairs of a Global Trade War (Recorded 7/18/18)
The current trade policy in the United States and its impact with our trading partners is the most unsettling it has been in decades. With uncertain negotiations with our NAFTA partners, and trade disputes with China and the European Union, fresh produce commodities are under intense pressure to adapt to this new environment or be left behind. This includes finding ways to continue to compete in traditional markets while looking to create new trade opportunities in other parts of the world. During our July webinar, United Fresh will look at the current challenges impacting trade, their impact on the fresh produce industry, and how do we see this coming to some conclusion that creates a more stable trade environment. View a recording of the webinar.

Important Week For Produce Industry: Immigration and Farm Bill Votes Expected (Recorded 6/18/18)
Key congressional votes are expected on both immigration reform and the reauthorization of the Farm Bill. Join the United Fresh Government Relations team in a one-hour webinar on Monday, June 18 at 2:00 pm ET  and be in the know as we enter this pivotal week for our industry in Washington! We will give you the most up to date assessment of the legislation the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives are considering on two of the most important policy issues impacting the fresh produce industry.

ELD – What to Know! (Recorded 5/16/18)
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration extended the waiver from ELDs, thus allowing those transporting Agricultural Commodities to use paper Records of Duty Status as long as certain criteria are met. The basis for this waiver relates directly to new proposed guidance that will surely add flexibility to those transporting agricultural commodities. Confused? You are not alone! This new change coupled with current exemptions to the HOS that are often underutilized, will bring clarity to what the future holds for transporting Agricultural Commodities and Farm Supplies. Join expert John Seidl, VP of Risk Services for Reliance Partners, for a casual conversation focused on answering your questions. John has over 20 years of experience specializing in FMSCA regulation and is the authority on their effect to both shippers and carriers. After John’s presentation we will turn it over to you for a lengthy Q&A. View a recording of the webinar.

The Buzz on Blockchain (Recorded 4/30/18)
Feeling left out because everyone’s talking about blockchain and you’re still not clear on what it means to you? Join two experts for a casual conversation focused on answering your questions. Thomas Burke, Food Traceability Scientist with the Global Food Traceability Center and Raja Ramachandran, CEO of will each spend a few minutes giving an overview of blockchain before turning it over to you for a lengthy Q&A. View a recording of the webinar.

Employee Recruitment & Retention Success Strategies (Recorded 3/28/18)
Today’s produce companies are navigating labor shortages and talent gaps, as well as preparing to develop succession plans for the future management of their businesses.  During this webinar, you’ll learn from Kristin Reid, Vice President, MIXTEC, how to recruit, train, and more importantly retain top performers at all levels of your organization. View a recording of the webinar.

Preparation and Prevention: Cybersecurity for the Produce Industry (Recorded 2/27/18)
Whether your personal email has been hacked, your company Facebook compromised, or your automation system put into hibernation, cyber security is a real and omnipresent threat today. Prepare for the worst case scenario by learning how to identify the vulnerabilities in your operations. This program was presented by Donald Robinson, Chief Technology Officer for Defense, CSRA.  View a recording of the webinar.

FSMA Farm vs. Facility Update (Recorded 1/24/18)
Hear the latest information on the FSMA Farm vs. Facility issue and recent updates from FDA from Dr. Jennifer McEntire. This program is hosted by the Food Safety & Technology Council. View a recording of the webinar.

FSMA Ag Water Webinar (Recorded 10/10/17)
Now that FDA has made several announcements related to the Ag water testing provision, including delaying implementation of that part of the rule and identifying several test methods that are “scientifically valid” and “at least equivalent to the method of analysis in § 112.151a,  join Dr. Jennifer McEntire, United Fresh VP of Food Safety and Technology for an insiders perspective. Dr. McEntire discussed FDA’s ag water extension timeline, the new and equivalent test methods and what this means for your operations. View a recording of the webinar.