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The front of the US Capitol Building in Autumn with visitors walking around


IFPA advocates to shape legislative, regulatory, political and legal solutions to increase the produce and floral industry's growth and profitability.

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business woman leader in a meeting with her colleagues at the office presenting sales data or forecast for a project

Business Operations

Access data and trend information on how to effectively increase company value and improve daily operations.

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Young woman browsing the produce aisle with her shopping cart

Consumer Trends

Join our dynamic Consumer Trends industry community to connect, collaborate & exchange information addressing a wide range of opportunities & challenges.

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Overhead shot of a tractor harvesting lavender field


Join our vibrant floral industry community to connect, collaborate, & exchange valuable information & ideas, addressing opportunities & challenges together.

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Close up farmer hand in gloves harvest farm product fresh vegetable in green house or hydroponic organic farm for clean and food supplier chain as agriculture business

Food Safety

Empower your business with a comprehensive suite of food safety tools and valuable information designed to protect your products, consumers, and company.

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Group of chef preparing food in the kitchen of a restaurant


Unlock rising consumption at foodservice establishments to promote your product.

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Aerial view of a container ship in export and import business and logistics. Shipping cargo to harbor by crane. Water transport International.

Global Trade

Reap the benefits of new global markets while growing your existing partnerships with market access guidance, general country reports & production information.

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Brand Meeting


Promote your products in the produce and floral marketing space with best practices.

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Produce marketplace aisle with an assortment of vegetables. Nearest being romaine lettuce and then other colorful produce going down the aisle


Enhance retail sales and deepen your knowledge of fresh produce best practices by leveraging evolving formats and channels in a dynamic market.

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A woman shakes hands with a man who is about to interview her. She sits with her resume infrong of her looking at the man while shaking his hand.


Attract, develop and retain the talent you need to grow your business with innovative and exciting talent solutions.

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A smart farm automation robot assistant image processing for detection weed and spray chemical if detected


Increase profits, efficiencies and safety with sophisticated innovations in technology.

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Apples in containers placed in front of truck about to be loaded.

Supply Chain Management

Enhance your Supply Chain Management with data standardization / synchronization, barcodes, pallet/case/item marking, RFID, GTIN, e-commerce & traceability.

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Lettuce plants growing vertically at an indoor aeroponic farm

Sustainability & Climate

Understand social, economic and environmental opportunities through sustainable actions.

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