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Comprehensive Retail Sales Reporting for Organic and Conventional Fruits and Vegetables

IFPA is the information source for the fruit and vegetable industry. We partner with the industry-leading data provider– Circana (formerly IRI + NPD) – to give members an edge. Glean the sales insights you need for business-driving decisions. Use pre-built reports to explore category specific insights and trends. You don’t need mega-coop funds to get top-notch grocery retail sales data. Keeping a pulse on the produce industry is an included benefit of IFPA membership.

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A pie chart where each section of the pie is represented as slices of different fruits. From largest to smallest the pie segments are; apples, grapes, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and lemon.Data drives successful decisions. Only IFPA members can access the gold standard of retail fruit and vegetable sales data from Circana through IFPA membership.

  • Benchmark your own performance against the aggregate.
  • Combine Circana data with your own information to produce customized insights.
  • Get produce department sales, as well as dollar and volume stats and trends.
  • Dive deeply into individual fruit or vegetable stats to prioritize areas for improvement or differentiation.
  • Compare individual commodity ups and downs month by month. Which items top the list, and which are rising or declining?
  • Discover how household panel data can provide a deeper look at produce consumption.

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Customized Insights

Dive into category-specific reports

Examples of four different reports that can be generated.

Whether you want to compare different commodities, look at the entire industry or dive deeper into household information, it's all here for you!

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