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GAP Checklists and Guidance by Commodity

These commodity specific resources have been compiled by United Fresh for your convenience. Related United Fresh resources can be found on our Harmonized Standard webpage.





Green Onions


Lettuce and Leafy Greens


Onions (dry bulb)                  


Following outbreaks in summer 2019, United Fresh and the Texas International Produce Association coordinated multiple meetings with the Mexican papaya industry, supply chain members, researchers, and representatives from FDA and the Mexican National Service of Agro-Food Health, Safety, and Quality (SENASICA) to address the food safety challenges associated with the production and handling of papaya. Commodity-specific measures were desired, similar to the approaches taken by the tomato and leafy greens industries, to align the entire growing and packing industry of papayas in Mexico under the same food safety protocols.

The first edition of the resulting food safety best practices, published in April 2020, may be downloaded below in both English and Spanish. The webinar discussing this document can be found here.

Download the Papaya Best Practices (English)
Download Las Mejores Prácticas de Papaya (Español)

In November 2020, the USDA-ARS developed a paper called “Salmonella inactivation and sponge/microfiber mediated cross-contamination during papaya wash with chlorine or peracetic acid as sanitizer”. This research supports the best practices contained in the guidelines. That document can be found here.



For any questions on these resources or to report broken links, contact Katie McGowan, Food Safety Program Coordinator, via email or by phone at (202) 303-3402.