Reimagine Conversations

June 1-30, 2021

Reimagine Conversations is a month-long, 25-session series delivering a fresh outlook, fresh ideas and fresh connections. The series kicks off June 1 with five tracks of thought-provoking sessions, including both education and group discussions to foster discovery, present new ideas and develop new relationships across all channels of the produce supply chain.


Each of the five Reimagine Conversations tracks will deliver five unique sessions on topics critical to the success of our supply chain today:

  1. Produce 101: An Orientation to the Fresh Produce Supply Chain
  2. Marketing as Key to Increasing Sales
  3. Top-to-Top Retail-Foodservice Dialogues for Success
  4. Key Issues Driving Produce Safety
  5. Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges to Profitability

Schedule of Events

TRACK 1: Produce 101: Orientation to Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Designed for young professionals, this 5-session series will guide participants on an informative journey of the produce supply chain, from grower to retail and foodservice. Led by members of United Fresh’s market segment boards, each session will provide a deeper understanding of our unique supply chain, helping participants understand the interconnectivity and challenges of various segments in delivering great-tasting, safe fresh produce to consumers around the world.


  • Understanding the Modern Grower-Shipper Business Model
    Tuesday, June 1, 2:00-3:00 pm ET
    It all starts on the farm, and farms today vary greatly in shape, size and format. Hear from leading grower-shippers on their approaches to strategic planning, production, innovation, and sales with the goal of driving the best products into the fresh produce supply chain.

  • The Future of Produce Wholesaling and Distribution
    Monday, June 7, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    As the produce supply chain has evolved, so has the role of the produce wholesaler and distributor. Learn the critical function of these businesses in bridging the supply chain between grower-shippers and retail and foodservice operators, and advancing the opportunities for growing consumption.

  • Fresh-Cut Produce: Driving Innovation and Adding Value
    Monday, June 14, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Consumers today continue to seek ease of preparation as their lives get busier and their time more limited. Explore how fresh-cut processors are adding value and convenience to consumers’ fresh produce experience and how they drive innovation in delivering great-tasting fresh produce to consumers. 

  • Understanding Retail Market Drivers
    Monday, June 21, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Sponsored by: Stemilt Growers LLC

    Retailers are experiencing more changes in shopper behavior than ever before. Hear from key retail leaders the factors they consider when developing pricing strategies, private label decisions, sourcing, variety and more to meet the needs of their unique shopper demographic.
  • The Foodservice Landscape: Bringing Produce to the Table
    Monday, June 28, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Foodservice and culinary set trends in motion for consumer consumption. Learn the role of produce in the foodservice landscape, from menu innovation to sourcing to presentation, driving mutual success for the restaurant or operation, as well as the produce industry.

TRACK 2: Marketing as Key to Increasing Sales

With multiple influences driving consumer decision-making, marketing has become more important than ever in increasing sales of fresh produce. During this 5-session series, hear from top marketing executives as they address the many marketing skills and functions needed to take your company to the next level. 


  • Changing Opportunities in Experiential Marketing
    Tuesday, June 1, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    The pandemic has drastically changed the way customers and consumers experience your brand. Although today’s opportunities may look different they still exist, and many brands are blazing new and innovative trails in experiential marketing. Learn from those who are finding success in investing in this marketing method.

  • Marketing Budgets In A Year of Trial and Testing
    Tuesday, June 8, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Benchmarking trends is an exercise in futility following a global pandemic. Nothing that happened in 2020 – from sales to clicks to impressions – can be relied on to predict what will happen in 2021. Marketers have had to be creative in how they are investing marketing dollars, making the case for the spend and exploring new marketing and advertising trends. How will you measure your marketing success this year and how will that inform your 2022 budget planning?

  • The Sound of Produce Marketing
    Tuesday, June 15, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    There’s a new trend in marketing that sounds promising: audio. Screen-free media has seen tremendous growth over the past year, with podcasts seeing the fastest growth. Whether your company is investing in a podcast, exploring beta platforms like Clubhouse, or putting more marketing dollars toward audio advertising, there’s no doubt that audio is a growth opportunity – largely underutilized – for fresh produce marketers to reach consumers. Explore the many ways to add audio to your marketing mix.

  • Trends in Consumer Behavior: What’s Here to Stay?
    Tuesday, June 22, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    The past year introduced new ways consumers are purchasing fresh produce. From the growth of e-commerce channels to the introduction of direct-to-consumer models, we now have data to better understand changing consumer behaviors. Explore which trends will become the new norm and which trends will fade away.

  • Developing New B2B Relationships
    Tuesday, June 29, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Sponsored by: Stemilt Growers LLC

    This year has presented new ways of developing relationships with our buying partners. Through virtual trade shows and curated Zoom meetings, new relationships were forged. As we return to a culture of travel and in-person engagement, will we also return to board rooms and sales slicks, or has the old way of doing business run its course? Hear from a panel of B2B partners across the supply chain on how they predict the new era of business development and produce sales will thrive.

TRACK 3: Top-to-Top Retail-Foodservice Dialogues for SuccessSponsored by Apeel Sciences

Tackle our industry’s greatest challenges as C-Suite executives and retail-foodservice leaders gather for a series of five candid discussions addressing the future of produce. What will our post-COVID world look like – what is the “next normal” and how can companies drive success in the future? Each session will allow participants and panelists to debate topics for discussion as we work to meet consumer needs of the future.


  • How Clear Is Your Crystal Ball?
    Wednesday, June 2, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Gather with industry leaders and peers to look at what’s ahead for our industry. Hear from this diverse group of industry leaders who will forecast the future of the retail and foodservice spaces through their unique lens.

  • Where Does Technology and Innovation Fit?
    Wednesday, June 9, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    When is the right time to invest in new technologies or innovations? Explore three new technologies impacting the supply chain, and learn how each is streamlining the supply chain experience and improving business functions in-store.

  • Is Sustainability a Buzzword or a Real Game Changer?
    Wednesday, June 16, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    As consumer demand and attention to sustainable growing practices increases, retail and foodservice operators are collaborating with their produce supplier partners to meet sustainability goals. Corporate commitment is driving the pace of change around water usage, carbon footprint, organics and more. Hear from leaders in the industry as they discuss these factors and the forces at play.

  • Who Is Our Future Consumer, and What Do they Want?
    Wednesday, June 23, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    The models for how and where consumers purchase food beyond brick and mortar have been rapidly evolving. The growth of alternative shopping methods has sky-rocketed, propelled by the pandemic. Hear the latest on home delivery, meal kits, ghost kitchens and other new ways consumers are purchasing produce.

  • What Keeps You Up at Night?
    Wednesday, June 30, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Sponsored by: iFoodDS

    Industry leaders share their deepest concerns about what the future might bring on topics including food safety outbreaks, supply chain disruptions, trade barriers and more.

TRACK 4: Key Issues Driving Produce SafetySponsored by Ecolab, Inc.

Seeking a quick overview of major issues driving produce safety today? This series is for you! Individual sessions will include expert discussions on testing and data analysis, farm-level controls for pathogens, facility control of listeria, end-to-end supply chain traceability, outbreak investigations/recalls, and more. 


  • Regulatory Interactions: outbreaks, inspections, and sampling
    Thursday, June 3, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Regardless of why a federal or state regulator shows up at your operation, it’s bound to create some uneasiness. Hear from industry experts about their first hand experiences responding to regulatory inquiries related to outbreak investigations, routine inspections, and product sampling assignments.

  • The optics and statistics of product testing
    Thursday, June 10, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Sponsored by: iFoodDS

    The debate over the merits of product testing, whether pre or post harvest, has only intensified in recent years. Does it help assure food safety, or does it provide a false sense of security? Learn how different commodities and different parts of the supply chain are approaching testing so that you can make an informed decision for your operation.

  • Science Insights: highlighting underutilized research
    Thursday, June 17, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Sponsored by: GLOBALG.A.P 

    There is a substantial investment in produce safety research each year, but is the industry aware of the findings that can—and should—shape food safety practices? A panel of esteemed produce safety researchers will briefly highlight one thing they think research has shown that hasn’t been widely adopted or considered. Then attendees will have the opportunity to meet with the researchers in smaller groups to learn more.

  • The Traceability Blame Game
    Wednesday, June 23, 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET
    Sponsored by: iFoodDS

    Regardless of what FDA requires in the final traceability rule, each point in the produce supply chain faces unique challenges to tracing produce. Before you point the finger at your customers or suppliers, listen to their concerns so that, as a community, we can formulate solutions that are feasible and effective.

  • Re-emerging Produce Safety Issues
    Thursday, June 24, 11:00 am-noon ET
    Sponsored by: GLOBALG.A.P 

    What does the rest of the year hold for produce safety? Will new issues emerge, or are older issues simply re-emerging? Hear from industry experts on hot topics such as agricultural water, heavy metals, root cause analysis, with the opportunity to dive deeper in breakout discussions on these topics.


  • BONUS: Food Safety Mix and Mingle
    Friday, June 25, 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET
    Connect with other food safety professionals during this “choose your own breakout room” social hour. While there won’t be a formal agenda, you can choose to learn more about what the Food Safety Council has been working on (e.g., whole genome sequencing, traceability, evaluating supplier risk, etc.), meet with select vendors to learn about the latest food safety solutions, or chat with newer produce safety professionals. Participants will be able to move between breakout rooms at their leisure in this low-pressure networking event.

TRACK 5: Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges to Profitability

The fresh produce supply chain is complex and ever changing. How can industry leaders react and respond to these challenges while ensuring that our businesses continuity and growth? Join industry peers from across the supply chain to explore this year’s new and unsolved challenges, and share your own perspectives during these five engaging sessions.


  • Worker Safety Requirements – What you need to know
    Friday, June 4, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    COVID-19 has presented the industry with a new level of worker safety requirements at the federal, state, and local jurisdictions.  Better understand what does this all mean, which requirements supersede the others, how long will they be in place, and other important topics that the produce industry needs to be prepared for in their workplace.

  • Filling the Needs of the Post-Harvest Workforce: An Industry Roundtable Discussion:
    Friday, June 11, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Labor shortages are not only at the farm level –wholesalers, distributors, retailers and restaurants all face growing challenges to ensure an adequate workforce to keep the supply chain moving.

  • Transportation for the Future
    Friday, June 18, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Whether produce is traveling by land, sea or air, moving product quickly and efficiently from farm to consumer is critical to supply chain success. Explore challenges in the transportation landscape, and how the industry is testing innovative solutions to prepare for future challenges. 

  • Understanding Technology for Cold Chain Management Success
    Friday, June 25, 11:00 am-Noon ET
    Maintaining the cold chain is key to extending shelf life and providing the best possible eating experience. From farm to the “last mile” of distribution, explore how  new technologies and practices can help drive cold chain success.

  • Planning for Uncertainty and Reacting to Change
    Tuesday, June 29, 2:00 -3:00 pm ET
    Whether it’s Mother Nature, shifting consumer trends or a global pandemic, uncertainty is the name of the game in the produce industry. How do you plan for the uncertain, unpredictable, unknown? Hear from leaders who have successfully navigated a radical shift in their business operations, and how advance planning and the willingness to adjust helped them navigate and overcome disruption.


Each track will deliver five, one-hour sessions. a $500 savings. Companies can receive three full packages for members of their team for $4,000, an additional $500 savings. And for those companies who want to make this a total team event, a $10,000 package enables a company to have unlimited staff access to these programs.

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For those who want to make this a total team event
, a $10,000 package enables a company to have unlimited staff access to these programs.

Unlimited Access to All 25 Sessions   $10,000



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