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Produce Advocacy Bootcamp

Monday, September 20, 1:00 – 3:30 pm

Whether it’s your first time attending the United Fresh Washington Conference, or you’re looking for a refresher on engaging in Congressional meetings in person, our Produce Advocacy Bootcamp is designed for you!  Learn effective strategies for sharing the produce industry’s voice with elected officials during two days of Congressional Meetings, as you gain an overview of our industry’s key issues and learn tips for making your message memorable.

About Seth
Seth Turner has been CMF’s Director of Citizen Engagement since 2016. In this role, he collaborates with advocacy organizations to improve engagement between their grassroots advocates and their Members of Congress. He does this by consulting with advocacy professionals and training citizen advocates about proven effective advocacy strategies for communicating and building relationships with policymakers. He has conducted more than 200 advocacy training programs for CMF, involving more than 18,000 individuals.

Key Elements of Bootcamp:

  • Insight into current critical policy issues to discuss how they directly affect the fresh produce industry
  • Techniques for effective communication with Members of Congress
  • Clear do’s and don’ts around advocacy
  • Learn what role social media plays in your Congressional meetings
  • Learn how to role-play Congressional Meetings

Benefits to Employer:

  • Effective professional development for staff
  • Benefit from an employee more equipped to lead
  • A strong, eager employee to shape the future success of your company with public policy
  • Your staff will have the chance to build relationships and network with peers and high-profile leaders in the industry
  • There is no additional charge to attend the Bootcamp


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FUEL UP:  Meet Your Peers | 12:45 PM

WARM UP: Walk Through of Today’s Basic Training | 1:00 – 1:15 PM
Check out the tools in the Washington Conference advocacy toolbox to gain proven strategies for engaging congressional leaders on our industry’s top issues and your business. You will gain a clear understanding of what you can expect during three days in Washington DC and two days on Capitol Hill. Discover what influential Congressional committees have jurisdiction over your business and what memorable facts Congressional offices want to know about you.

Led By: Mollie Van Lieu, Senior Director, Nutrition Policy, United Fresh Produce Association

CARDIO: How to Conduct Effective Meetings with Congress During Uncertain Times| 1:15 – 2:00 PM
Boost your confidence before heading to Capitol Hill. Congressional visits can be fun, quirky and often take place in odd places. This year presents a unique set of circumstances (and maybe challenges!) Dive into a pandemic typical day for a Member of Congress, learn the basic elements of a Hill meeting, and how to deliver your message in a meaningful and concise way.

Led By: Seth Turner, Director of Citizen Engagement, Congressional Management Foundation

Weights: Strengthen Your Knowledge of the Key Issues Impacting the Industry | 2:00 – 2:40 PM
Just like strength training, it’s quality over quantity. Dive into a deeper understanding of the priority issues of food safety, labor, nutrition policy, and infrastructure so you can put forth a better foundation on how you will talk about these issues with lawmakers in a way that feels authentic to you and your business. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of our collective messaging that will enhance our industry’s effectiveness on the Hill during and following Tuesday and Wednesday’s visits.

Led By: Robert Guenther, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, United Fresh Produce Association

OPEN GYM: Interactive Role-Playing Exercises | 2:40 – 3:15 PM
Now that you have a foundation – it’s time to practice finessing your message with your peers. Map out your message, and feel free to put it into practice as you participate in small group role-playing with your industry peers. Industry veterans and Government Relations Council Members will help facilitate discussion and share their personal expertise from their time spent during Congressional visits.

Led By: Rainey Sewell and Jessica Schulken, United Fresh Legislative Counsel, The Russell Group

COOL DOWN: Advocacy 365 | 3:15 – 3:30 AM 
Your work on Capitol Hill carries the weight of 365 days of impact. Learn various communication and engagement techniques to enhance the #PowerOfFresh message from home. These skills and tips will empower you and your team to continue to build on the critical relationships you’ll create during your Congressional meetings. Advocacy is a daily effort and just like our crops need regular care and feeding, so do your Congressional Connections! Learn how to stay engaged with your Members of Congress year-round and during the age of Covid.

Led By: Angela Tiwari, Director of Grassroots and Political Action, United Fresh Produce Association

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For more information on the Produce Advocacy Bootcamp, contact Angela Tiwari, Director of Grassroots & Political Action, at 202.303.3416.