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Produce Executive Development Program


Cornell University Statler Hotel & Executive Conference Center
Ithaca, NY • March 22-27, 2020

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The produce industry’s rapidly evolving demands on executives are more labored than ever and success in an ever-changing business environment requires thoughtful and decisive executive leadership. The United Fresh Produce Executive Development Program, presented in partnership with the esteemed Cornell University Food Industry Management Program, is specifically designed to help today’s produce industry leaders sharpen their business acumen and executive skill set.

0142_12_001.jpgThis program is designed for mid- to senior-level produce executives, including Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, Vice Presidents, Directors and others with management experience. More important than job title, however, are job responsibilities. If you are in or under consideration for a leadership position, involved in your company’s strategic planning and execution or have a desire to lead the fresh produce industry, attending this course is one of the best decisions you can make.

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The Cornell Experience

A unique classroom experience designed for executives.

Prior to the program, you will complete personal assessment tools that provide your professors the information they need to truly customize your program experience. With an intimate learning setting of attendees from diverse companies and backgrounds, you will learn as much from the dynamic interactions with your fellow classmates as you will from your professors.

At Cornell University, top instructors and special guest lecturers will engage you in discussions, hands-on case studies and interactive working groups to help develop your strategic thinking, understanding of food industry trends and executive leadership skills.

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Expansive Executive Curriculum

Your week at Cornell will provide business knowledge and leadership insights on a range of key areas, including:

Executive Leadership

  • Explore the paradigms of executive leadership and how they differ from management strategies
  • Gain first-hand insights into leadership success (and failure) and key challenges that executives face

Today’s Food Retailing & Foodservice Climate

  • Examine what’s happening in today’s retail and foodservice industries and the implications for the produce industry
  • Learn about today’s retail dynamics during in-person visits to local retail chains

Competitive Strategy

  • Discover how strategy is inherently different than operational effectiveness
  • Find out why executives must master this concept to ensure sustained, maximized performance

Team Dynamics and Decision Making

  • Uncover what it takes to develop a high performance team to maximize your company’s effectiveness
  • Which elements are the most critical for success – and how to avoid pitfalls that stall performance


Work/Life Balance: The Power of Sleep

  • Find out what impact sleep (and lack thereof!) can have on your executive performance
  • Learn how to avoid making crucial business decisions in an impaired state

eCommerce and Produce

  • Discover the future of marketing and home delivery for retailing
  • Learn alternative strategies and best practices for this changing marketplace

Leading Through Change

  • Change is a normal in the workplace, but can be unnerving to even the most solid employees
  • Master the skills necessary to lead through change and use it to the greater benefit of your company

Strategies for Growth in Entrepreneurial Environments

  • Learn why entrepreneurs take risks, create new markets, and use organizational flexibility to gain market share
  • Find out which entrepreneurial strategies are best for produce businesses

Supply Chain Simulation

  • Gain firsthand experience managing inventories and how one individual’s decision can impact overall performance
  • Learn why suboptimal performance can be the result in an environment where collaboration is absent

Produce Industry Forecast for the Future

  • Create a consensus forecast for the future of the industry
  • Develop strategies that will allow firms to cope with and be prepared for what’s to come

Understanding Your Executive Leadership Style

  • Through customized assessment tools, analyze your personal type of executive leadership
  • Develop a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as an executive


 Tuition for the Produce Executive Development Program includes:

  • Five nights lodging*
  • Breakfasts, lunches, breaks and several group dinners 
  • All classroom sessions, materials and tours 
  • Personalized assessment tools and customized reports 
  • Completion certificate and group photo

 *Your tuition includes hotel accommodations for five nights. Upon registration, United Fresh and Cornell will make your hotel reservations.

If you register on or before February 14, 2020, tuition costs are $5,495 (United Fresh Member) and $8,495 (Non-Member). After February 14, 2020, tuition costs are $5,995 (United Fresh Member) and $8,995 (Non-Member).

For more information on the Produce Executive Development Program, contact Amanda Griffin , Vice President, Education and Program Management, at 202.303.3412.