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Recall Ready Program


United Fresh’s Recall ReadySM Program is an exclusive group of services, education and training that leverages the expertise of the food industry’s leading professionals in food safety, legal and regulatory counsel and crisis communication.

Recall Plan Review
United Fresh’s experts will review your current plan and provide a detailed report with suggestions to maximize your preparation for the unexpected.

Custom Recall PlanDave and group
Don’t have a recall plan? We’ll help you create a plan that’s tailored for your company. Our team will work with your company to write a custom recall plan that reflects your company’s unique structure and operations. When finished, you will have a complete recall plan with regulatory, food safety and communication elements that fit the company. And, when we work together to develop a custom plan, we’ll include future discounts on legal and communication services.

Executive Management Workshop
We know your management team is busy, and leaving the office to attend our regular Recall ReadySM workshop may be difficult. So let us bring our workshop to your managers. Our Recall ReadySM team will travel to your company and provide a full-day workshop designed for you and your management team. Managers will learn how to prepare for a recall, the company’s legal responsibilities during a recall, how to determine if a recall is necessary and how to work together to carry one out. And in a table-top exercise based on your company, its products and its production processes, your management team will experience the recall decision making process. Designed for 15-20 people, this option allows your entire team to receive the benefits of our recall ready workshop without having to leave the office.

Annual Maintenance Program
Your company has already developed a sound recall plan and tested it using our Recall ReadySM training and simulation option. Now protect your investment and keep your team recall ready with our annual maintenance program. Twelve to eighteen months after the company’s last Recall ReadySM simulation; we will retest your team and the plan with another simulation. We’ll also review your plan and suggest updates, if necessary. Don’t let time erode your preparedness level – stay recall ready.

Attention All Associations
Include the Recall ReadySM Team in your member training and education program. We will work with you to design a commodity-specific recall ready offering that meets your members’ needs. Call us for more information and pricing.

Onsite Recall Training and Simulation
You don’t want an actual recall to be a training exercise. Get ahead of the game with a two-day mock recall program led by United Fresh’s Recall ReadySM team. We’ll come to your office and train your team to use your recall plan under pressure and run a simulated recall to help you test your plan before the real thing.

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For more information about the Recall ReadySM Program, contact Erin Grether at 202.303.3402.

Recall ReadySM Workshop

UF_RclRdy_WrkshpUnited Fresh’s hands-on training workshops help you and your staff understand the fundamentals of a product recall, including your rights and responsibilities, the role of the FDA, how to limit your liability and how to manage customer expectations. You’ll also get an in-depth look at how to build a customized communication plan in the event of a recall, and how to effectively communicate to the industry, customers, consumers and the media. View the Recall ReadySM Workshop Flyer.

Recall ReadySM Importer Seminar

UF_RclRdy_ImptrSmnrThe United Fresh Recall ReadySM Program is now offering a one-day, recall ready seminar designed specifically for U.S. importers of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are the U.S. owner or consignee of fresh produce at the time of entry into the U.S., or the U.S. agent or representative of a foreign owner or consignee, this seminar is for you! Attendees will learn the unique role importers play during a recall and what importers can do to be prepared to handle a food safety event. Speakers will address FDA’s expectations during a recall, regulatory laws and importer liability, food safety considerations and crisis communication needs. The seminar also includes a table-top recall exercise in which groups will go through the recall decision-making process. View the Recall ReadySM Importer Seminar Flyer.