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Water Legislation Introduced to Address Critical Drought Issues in the West

Jun 25, 2015

Today, Congressman David Valadao and 21 of his House colleagues introduce The Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015. The legislation includes key provisions that would increase options for water delivery by freeing up free up major water storage projects in in the west and flexibility for construction of dams and reservoirs. Robert Guenther, Senior Vice President of Public Policy for United Fresh offered the following comments:

“We applaud Congressman Valadao and his colleagues for taking up this important legislative initiative to address emergency drought conditions in the Western United States. The produce industry is in a crisis and while most of the focus has been on the severe drought conditions in California, our members throughout the West are facing critical water resource shortages that are being predicated by lack of flexibility in current federal environmental and water laws. Most importantly, there is a strong need for infrastructure investment so that the long-term economic viability of family-owned fresh fruit and vegetable producers across the West can be secured for many generations to come. We encourage swift action on this legislation in House and strongly urge serious and thoughtful discussions with the Senate on moving a bi-partisan agreement to the President for his signature.”

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