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United Fresh LIVE! 365 is the association’s year-round community platform. While new business opportunities and connections are made during events, the real work happens in-between, through the day-to-day business of our supply chain. How are you reaching customers and prospective customers during the in-between? United Fresh LIVE! 365 is the answer.

Virtual events are the B2B solution to today’s pandemic plagued business challenges. United Fresh LIVE! 365 goes beyond, by offering a year-round solution and new opportunities through events, and continuity of business day-to-day in-between. LIVE! 365 hosted our annual Washington Conference in late September with much success and will host the  FreshStart and BrandStorm Conferences in early 2021 as well as 20+ webinars, workshops, meet-ups and trainings this fall bringing the industry to the platform to learn and engage.

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Key Platform Statistics:

Key Platform Benefits

More opportunities to reach industry decision-makers and key buyers than you’ve ever imagined! Your online presence will allow for:

VIDEOS: Post videos of your company operations, whether promoting fields of fresh produce, creating value-added products, or demonstrating the newest equipment and technology in real-life settings

RESOURCES: Post as many downloadable documents as you’d like about your company and your products

DIRECT LEADS: Engage personally with attendees on the platform in live chats or offline messaging

ANALYTICS: Track booth visits, downloads, video views and more

LONGEVITY: Your exhibit is open and driving traffic back to your business all year long and you can update your content as frequently as you want

Real LIVE! Booths

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The United Fresh LIVE! 365 Attendees

Our world is now online, driving connections, and your attendee universe just exploded! Our online platform allows the industry to connect in real time.

Instead of hoping to reach one of the attendees walking through the expo, you can reach attendees from around the world. What does that mean?

  • Instead of a handful of folks from each retail chain, foodservice operator or major wholesaler, every produce buyer or category manager can sign on and see everything you’ve got to show
  • Instead of sales people from a grower-shipper or processor offering to connect you later to their operations team, they can see your equipment, technology and services personally
  • Instead of a concentrated base of attendees from the region around the city, your marketplace is now global
  • Who can you see at your booth? Anyone you want, at any time, from anywhere in the world!

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To learn about sponsorship or exhibiting opportunities on United Fresh LIVE! 365, contact John Toner, Vice President, Convention & Industry Collaboration at 202.303.3424.