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U.S. State Department Making Progress on H-2A IT Challenges

Jun 25, 2015

Since June 9, visa processing for H-2A workers in consulates around the world has come to a halt because of technical issues within the State Department’s computer system, preventing necessary information for security screenings from being accessed.

Since that time, agriculture organizations from across the country have been urging the Administration, officials at the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to rectify this as soon as possible. In addition, congressional officials have made strong inquiries to the Administration on these unfortunate developments and urged emergency action be used to address this issue, as thousands of workers who are needed to perform critical, time-sensitive harvesting, are not able to be approved for these much-needed jobs.

The State Department is now reporting that progress is being made, with 50 posts (representing 73 percent of nonimmigrant visa demand worldwide) now online and issuing visas.

United Fresh will continue to work with industry allies and elected officials to ensure that visa processing is operating at full capacity.

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