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You’ll hear throughout this year’s United Fresh Annual Washington Conference the critical importance of our association’s advocacy programs.  Our work with the Congress and Administration has been essential to delivering billions of dollars in support to the industry. Our work with the FDA, CDC, DOL and the entire regulatory community has been essential in shaping the policies that have enabled us to keep the produce supply chain moving. And our Foundation’s work has been essential to keep produce flowing to school children and those in need across the country.

In-person conventions, conferences and programs have always supplemented membership dues in supporting these efforts.  We’re taking virtual events to new heights, but they still don’t drive the revenue needed to support our efforts in Washington.  Won’t you step up to make an investment in our continued advocacy before government, food safety and regulatory support, training and education for our community, and increasing children’s access to fresh fruits and vegetables?

Please make a difference in the future of our industry and our ability to serve you in the years to come.

United Fresh Produce Power Fund

Make an investment in the United Fresh Produce Power Fund, supporting government relations, food safety, leadership training and more for the fresh produce industry.


United Fresh Start Foundation

Make a tax-deductible personal donation to the United Fresh Start Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation to help children continue to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.


Thank you for your support. Today more than ever, being United makes all the difference!