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Statement on House Passage of Roberts-Stabenow GMO Labeling Legislation

Jul 14, 2016

Statement of Tom Stenzel, President & CEO, United Fresh Produce Association on House Passage of GMO Labeling Legislation

“United Fresh applauds the strong bipartisan passage by the House of Representatives of legislation that, for the first time, establishes federal standards for the labeling of GMO foods. Last week, the Senate passed the bill in a similarly bipartisan fashion and now the measure goes to President Obama, who has indicated he will sign it in to law. We support enactment of this measure because we believe it provides much-needed clarity for the food and agriculture sector, as well as consumers. The bill puts the requirement for labeling on those companies that introduce these foods into the marketplace, which may reduce the pressure on companies to seek “non-GMO” verified labeling. At the same time, the bill provides significant flexibility to companies with genetically engineered foods as to the manner of labeling, whether on package text, symbol or link to a website. 

Finally, this bill would provide for a coherent national labeling program, preventing the 50-state nightmare that might otherwise arise. The bill is widely supported by all sectors of the food industry, including all major farm organizations, food manufacturers and retailers. United Fresh will continue to work with other industry stakeholders and regulators to ensure this measure provides clear, consistent, science-based standards for GMO labeling.”

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