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Statement by Tom Stenzel In Presenting 2016 FreshTech Achievement Award

Jun 22, 2016

“The United FreshTech Expo has long been the place for innovative companies to showcase the tools, technologies, equipment, goods and services needed to advance our industry. While we’ve recognized a number of outstanding individuals for their food safety leadership over the years, we’ve expanded the scope of the award this year to all technical achievement in order to also recognize individuals that help advance our industry in packing and packaging technologies, processing equipment design, information systems and more.

“We’re pleased this year to present this award to David Offerdahl, Director of Ag Engineering, at Taylor Farms. David was nominated by Taylor Farms and several of its grower partners. David began his career in agriculture at Ramsay Highlander, learning the in’s and out’s of mechanical harvesting working with some of the industry’s best engineers. During this time, Ramsay developed and patented innovative new machinery using high-pressure water jets for cutting vegetables in the field. While working at Ramsay, David assisted in deploying these innovations. He joined Taylor Farms in 2012, and has continued to work in adapting mechanical harvesting machines to many of Taylor’s specific farming needs.

“Taylor Farms’ nomination cited David’s practical field-level application of harvesting technology as providing cost benefits and efficiencies, enhanced product quality, and improved worker experience in the field. Congratulations to David Offerdahl in receiving this year’s FreshTech Achievement Award.”

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