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Supply Chain Logistics

Welcome to the United Fresh Supply Chain Logistics Resource Page!

This page offers a range of resources of potential interest interest to produce industry professionals with an interest in logistics, transportation and supply chain technology, including United Fresh publications, whitepapers, articles and presentations, as well as resources contributed by industry peers, and more.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources for the Supply Chain Logistics Community

In these unprecedented times, we’ve created an aggregate of coronavirus/COVID-19 resources to help the fresh produce industry and supply chain partners address commonly asked questions, and resources that can help keep you and your business informed.


Supply Chain Logistics Council:

The Supply Chain Logistics Council examines critical issues affecting supply chain management including transportation, logistics and new technologies enabling better traceability, product quality control, cold chain management and more. The Council’s goal is to identify challenges facing companies throughout the supply chain, and help develop solutions and programs to deliver tangible value to help our members in addressing those challenges.

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If you have any questions about the council, please contact John Hollay, council staff liaison at 202.303.3418.

The Supply Chain Logistics Community:

The Supply Chain Logistics Community provides United Fresh members with up-to-date information on supply chain, transportation and other logistics topics, as well as resources relevant to your interests. To receive these messages or add additional contacts from your company to the community, please contact Miriam Wolk.

Transportation Best Practices:

These Transportation Best Practices were initially developed by the North American Transportation Working Group and were updated in Spring 2019 by the United Fresh Supply Logistics Council.  The goal of these documents is to provide criteria and direction for transportation related trading challenges.  This guidance represents the collective thinking of associations and the Council. It does not create or confer any rights for or on any person or company and does not operate to bind members of any association which has endorsed the document, nor those with whom they do business.

United Fresh Publications & Resources:

Blockchain & Traceability

  • Blockchain & Traceability
    Both internal and external traceability programs are needed in order to effectively track and trace product up and down the supply chain, achieving whole-chain traceability. Learn more about tracebility programs and blockchain technology and how internal and external programs are being developed in the produce industry. 

  • The Buzz on Blockchain 
    Blockchain technology – a shared, distributed ledger – can trace the container’s path through the supply chain with exceptional transparency and security. Lean more about blockchain technology from this previously recorded webinar and hear from Thomas Burke, Food Traceability Scientist with the Global Food Traceability Center and Raja Ramachandran, CEO of 


  • ELD – What to Know! 
    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration extended the waiver from ELDs, thus allowing those transporting Agricultural Commodities to use paper Records of Duty Status as long as certain criteria are met. The basis for this waiver relates directly to new proposed guidance that will surely add flexibility to those transporting agricultural commodities. Confused? You are not alone! Learn more in this previously recorded webinar and hear from John Seidl, VP of Risk Services for Reliance Partners. 

  • Broker/Shipper Transportation Agreement Template
    Crafted by members of the United Fresh Supply Chain Logistics Council in partnership with the Transportation Intermediates Association (TIA), the template is designed for members’ use when entering into the specific business relationship between shipping companies and third party transportation providers.

Warehouse Management

  • Analyzing and Upgrading Selection and Loading Operations 
    In the past few years, Sid Wainer & Son overhauled their selection and loading process, resulting in significant cost and man hour savings for the company. Learn about their analysis of their operational needs, the implementation process and the effect on company culture.

  • How To: Implement Enterprise Resource Planning
    Implementing a new ERP system can be challenging for an organization, but with the right planning in place, the process can go more smoothly.  Hear from David Donat, President, Produce Pro, on considerations for building your implementation team, establishing a timeline, communicating with your associates, planning your training process and more!

  • Produce Operations Training Checklists
    Developed by the United Fresh Wholesaler-Distributor board, this resource provides checklists for interviewing, safety, warehouse training, loading skills, receiving and driver delivery.