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Fresh-Cut Processor Resources

Welcome to the United Fresh Fresh-Cut Processor Resource Page!

This page offers a range of resources of potential interest to Fresh-Cut Processor industry members, including United Fresh publications, whitepapers, articles and presentations, as well as resources contributed by industry peers, and more.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources for the Fresh-Cut Processor Community

In these unprecedented times, we’ve created an aggregate of coronavirus/COVID-19 resources to help the fresh produce industry and supply chain partners address commonly asked questions, and resources that can help keep you and your business informed.


Fresh-Cut Processor Board:

The Fresh-Cut Processor Board is focused on the needs and issues of greatest concern to fresh-cut processors and producers of convenience produce items. Its goal is to drive innovation in delivering great-tasting and convenient fresh produce to consumers.

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If you have any questions about the board, please contact Erin Hutchison, board staff liaison, at 202.303.3422.

United Fresh Publications & Resources: