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Fresh-Cut Processor Resources

This page offers a range of resources of potential interest to Fresh-Cut Processor industry members, including United Fresh publications, whitepapers, articles and presentations, as well as resources contributed by industry peers, and more.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources for the Fresh-Cut Processor Community

In these unprecedented times, we’ve created an aggregate of coronavirus/COVID-19 resources to help the fresh produce industry and supply chain partners address commonly asked questions, and resources that can help keep you and your business informed.


Fresh-Cut Processor Board:

The Fresh-Cut Processor Board is focused on the needs and issues of greatest concern to fresh-cut processors and producers of convenience produce items. Its goal is to drive innovation in delivering great-tasting and convenient fresh produce to consumers.

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If you have any questions about the board, please contact Erin Hutchison, board staff liaison, at 202.303.3422.

Fresh-Cut Processor Peer Resource Library:

The Fresh-Cut Processor Peer Resource Library, initiated by the United Fresh Fresh-Cut Processor Board, is an opportunity for members of United Fresh to share insights and learning experiences from their company operations with their industry peers. All content is produced directly by members and volunteers and reviewed by an editorial committee of the Fresh-Cut Processor Board. All opinions solely represent the views of the author.

The opinions and ideas expressed in peer resource library articles do not necessarily apply to every company in the industry, but instead are intended as a way to initiate business conversations within your company. United Fresh makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content of the peer resource library.

United Fresh member companies are invited to contribute articles to the library. You can review our submission guidelines here. For more information about the library, or to volunteer as a contributor, please contact Erin Hutchison at 202.303.3422.


Articles coming soon, to suggest an article or author, please contact Erin Hutchison, 202.303.3422.


Design for Recyclability – Food Packaging
by Rashi Tiwari and Larry Effler, Ph.D., Dow

Sustainable Development for Fresh Produce Flexible Packaging
by Seth Holmen, Packaging R&D, Innovation, and Sustainability, American Packaging Corporation


Articles coming soon, to suggest an article or author, please contact Erin Hutchison, 202.303.3422.

Labor & Talent

Articles coming soon, to suggest an article or author, please contact Erin Hutchison, 202.303.3422.


Exploring the Relationship Between Sanitary Equipment Design and Food Safety
by Kim Magon-Haller, Marketing Manager, Triangle Package Machinery Company

Don’t Let Todays Decisions be Based on Yesterday’s Legacy with supporting OEM Design Guide Checklist
by Melissa Ortner, Channelized Solutions & Heinzen Manufacturing

Market Trends

The COVID Era: Produce and Fresh Cut in a Rapidly Changing Consumer Environment
Jonna Z. Parker, Principal, IRI Fresh Center of Excellence


United Fresh Publications & Resources: