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Questions & Answers on Voluntary Romaine Growing Region/Harvest Date Labelling

Mar 25, 2019

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**** this is a draft that is still being reviewed by the Romaine Task Force, as reflected by the inclusion of “comments” highlighting some areas of continued discussion; additional updates will be available and industry comment will be sought before this document is finalized****

This questions and answer document, originally drafted by PMA and United Fresh using the information available from FDA (commissioner statement and update) and CDC , has been updated as an outcome of a discussion with a cross-section of the fresh produce industry charged with providing industry guidance for this voluntary program.

Mission: To provide consumers easy access to information of growing regions and harvest dates associated with romaine products.

Vision: This is an interim step until better traceback mechanisms are in place.

As the use of these labels begin, we expect that additional questions will arise, and/or best practices might be adjusted as participants gain experience. We will update the current FAQ’s and make additions as we move forward. Please free to contact us with additional questions as appropriate

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