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Q&A with Bud Floyd, CEO of FreightFlow

Dec 01, 2017

A growing $1.4T transportation category is largely inefficient due to limited technology penetration, especially with small and medium businesses. FreightFlow’s new technology aims to transform how freight moves around the world. We spoke with the CEO, Bud Floyd, to learn more about the innovative software. 

How did you discover the technology behind FreightFlow and what prompted you to develop this?

Transportation had always been a challenge for the largest onion growing business in North America, Peri & Sons. When founder Butch Peri retired and sold his business to his cousin, he felt that there was a great opportunity to improve transportation in the produce industry. At that point Butch brought a group of industry leaders, including me, together for an ideation session which eventually precipitated the founding of FreightFlow.

Although the technology that we have used to develop our software is unique to the produce industry and allows us to make changes and enhancements quickly, it is the software architecture, the early potential customer discussions at the outset, and our ongoing fresh foods/produce focus that make us unique. In the beginning, we felt that if our software could manage produce it could do anything.

What challenges is it solving?

Our technology is a cloud-based, intuitive transportation management software combining integrated data sources and integrated capabilities into one management site. The software’s real-time analytics offer visibility/knowledge on lane rates, profit margins and customer/carrier scorecards. The software enables improves supply chain visibility, promotes team member collaboration and saves time and money.

Where do you see this kind of technology headed?

Offering this type of software to the industry to help it manage transportation will accomplish several key changes in the produce industry:

  • It will level the playing field; Everyone will have access to state-of-the-art TMS at a very reasonable cost.
  • Our software is currently integrated with Famous and Produce Pro and subsequently allows for complete supply chain visibility, much enhanced collaboration and a collection of pertinent data.
  • Our software has multiple data source collection abilities from various capabilities that will allow the client to have robust/multi topic reporting.

Why are you choosing to display this technology in the FutureTEC Zone?

Operating in the same industry, it was only natural that we choose to team up with United Fresh. We are all about fresh foods/produce and we have developed a next generation TMS software that meets the needs of United FreshTEC attendees.

What progress have you made lately?

In April 2017, we completed our MVP offering and started introducing our software to the industry in June. Since that time, we have made many potential customer calls and are in the process of experiencing some exciting growth.

Anything else you’d like to share?

For us at FreightFlow, coming to the United Fresh convention in June is like coming home. We have a great deal of history with the industry, and it’s fun to see many friends from the past and the prospect of making new connections excites us. We are especially pleased that United Fresh has focused on trying to nurture and support new companies like ours who have a lot to offer the industry.

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