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Produce Import & Export Regulations Webinar Series

United Fresh has developed a Produce Import and Export Webinar Series of sessions, designed to inform companies of the regulatory issues affecting international trade of produce products imported into and exported from the United States.

Developed with consultation from United Fresh’s International Advisory Board, these sessions will provide an overview of the most critical aspects of the import and export processes, including identifying and working with key regulatory agencies, understanding food safety requirements and exploring marketing opportunities. Speakers will include USDA officials, embassy agricultural attachés and produce industry leaders with expertise and insight into international trade topics.

Attendees can register for each session, available to United Fresh members for $100 per session and to non-members can for $150 per session.


A Product’s Journey Into the United States: Understanding Regulatory Requirements

This webinar took place on March 16.

Companies looking to export their products to the United States need to be familiar with a myriad of regulatory requirements. This session will provide an overview of USDA, FDA, and other agency import compliance requirements, including risk assessments, pest and disease, and more.



Understanding Produce Import Logistics Best Practices

This webinar took place on March 18.

Whether your products are entering the United States by land, sea or air, it’s important to understand the process of what happens when your product arrives at the U.S. border. Join this interactive session focused on best practices for successfully moving imported product through the supply chain.



Food Safety Requirements for the US: What Growers Need to Know

This webinar took place on March 23rd.

Produce sold and consumed in the United States must meet US food safety regulatory requirements and customer expectations, regardless of where it was grown or processed. This session will provide an overview of the main food safety rules that apply to produce, including when companies need to register with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), how to determine if they need to follow the Produce Safety Rule or the Preventive Controls Rule, and a brief summary of each. It will also give insight into the food safety regulatory requirements that affect produce importers—and the consequences through the supply chain, including current and proposed traceability requirements. Finally, the session will contrast regulatory inspections and penalties with 3rd party audits and describe customer requirements beyond regulations.

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Introduction to Export Regulatory Policy 

This webinar was held on March 25, 2021.

Before you export, you need to determine whether your product, technology, or service might need an export    license. Learn first-hand from experienced U.S. Government officials about export control policies, regulations and procedures.

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Developing New Markets & Expanding Export Access for US Products

This webinar was held on March 30, 2021.

In a fast-paced global environment, exporters need to be aware of everchanging international regulations. Learn from experts on how to increase your access to existing markets, as well as initiate business in emerging markets.



Market Trends: Canada, United Kingdom and Japan

This webinar was held on April 1, 2021.

Hear from Agricultural Attachés and Market Specialists of the United States in Canada, Japan, and UK, key export markets, while they provide the audience with data and trends on produce consumption in their countries and what they foresee in the future.  

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For more information about the webinar series, contact Amanda Griffin, Vice President of Education & Program Management, United Fresh at 202-303-3412.