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United Fresh Produce Association is led by more than 400 individuals currently serving in elected or appointed positions of leadership. These volunteer leaders represent our member companies throughout the entire produce supply chain from farm to table. We invite all members to participate in association leadership. Let us know what areas of service are of special interest to you!

Nominations are accepted each Spring. If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact Vice President of Member Services Miriam Wolk at 202.303.3410.

Market Segment Boards

We are unique among produce associations in that every sector of the supply chain has its own board as part of our association’s leadership, giving a strong voice to each sector in order to better ensure a united voice for the industry. United Fresh members are elected by the membership to serve on four market segment boards representing different sectors of the supply chain. Each board includes 20 members, and works to identify and advance issues of importance within its market sector. 

Grower-Shipper Board

The Grower-Shipper Board is focused on the needs and issues of greatest concern to growers, packers and shippers of fresh produce. Its goal is to assure a sustainable business climate for the grower-packer-shipper community that provides sufficient profitability to support reinvestment in a thriving produce industry.

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Fresh-Cut Processor Board

The Fresh-Cut Processor Board is focused on the needs and issues of greatest concern to fresh-cut processors and producers of convenience produce items. Its goal is to drive innovation in delivering great-tasting and convenient fresh produce to consumers

View the Fresh-Cut Processor Board Roster.

Wholesaler-Distributor Board

The Wholesaler-Distributor Board is focused on the needs and issues of greatest concern to wholesalers and distributors of fresh produce. Its goal is to ensure a strong and robust produce supply chain connecting shippers and processors with retailers and foodservice operators.

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Retail-Foodservice Board

The Retail-Foodservice Board is focused on the needs and issues of greatest concern to retail supermarkets and foodservice operators. Its goal is to provide the supermarket and restaurant industries with tools and services that allow them to maximize the value and sales of fresh produce in their own marketing channels.

View the Retail-Foodservice Board Roster.

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board is focused on association key programs and activities that provide value to an international audience.  Its goal is to guide the association value proposition related to existing programs and resources for the international community.

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Expert Policy Councils

Our members provide their expertise to association leadership on a variety of functional areas addressed by expert advisory councils.  Each council includes members with specific expertise in an area of importance to the association’s work.  Members are appointed by the Chairman of the Board and may provide ongoing service due to their special expertise.

Finance & Business Management Council

The Finance & Business Management Council focuses on a range of business issues impacting companies within the produce industry, such as financial and strategic business planning, family business and estate transfer, financing and investment, human resources issues such as insurance and health care, and other critical business functions.

View the Finance & Business Management Council Roster

Food Safety Council

The Food Safety Council represents the strongest technical resource to the fresh produce industry, with experts from all segments of the supply chain representing a majority of produce commodities and regions, as well as allied associations and organizations providing research and support services to the industry. The Council provides input on all significant issues affecting the industry, such as food safety, quality, microbiology, research, education, audit standards and practices, and regulation.

View the Food Safety Council Roster.

Government Relations Council

The Government Relations Council is charged with debating, recommending, and establishing policy priorities for the United Fresh membership. In addition, this council provides leadership and insights on many public policy issues that confront the fresh produce industry and is active in grassroots and political education activities on issues including immigration reform, nutrition policy, farm bill legislation, food safety policy initiatives, and country of origin labeling requirements.

View the Government Relations Council Roster.

Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council

The Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council draws upon the expertise of both produce marketers and those who are merchandising produce directly to consumers, bringing together these important partners across the supply and demand chain to develop educational resources and tools to enhance industry success, including the annual BrandStorm conference.

View the Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council Roster.

Supply Chain Logistics Council

The Supply Chain Logistics Council examines critical issues affecting supply chain management including transportation, logistics and new technologies enabling better traceability, product quality control, cold chain management and more. The Council’s goal is to identify challenges facing companies throughout the supply chain, and help develop solutions and programs to deliver tangible value to help our members in addressing those challenges.

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