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Retail Operator

Retail Operators: Being United Makes All the Difference

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As a supermarket produce leader, you are the face of the produce industry for consumers. United Fresh is here to help you face your business challenges, as well as to support your promotion of fresh produce to your customers.

United Fresh has tailored resources to specifically meet your business needs, including:
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  • The United Fresh Convention & Expo, where you can explore innovative products and industry solutions and learn about the latest fresh produce trends
  • The Retail Produce Manager Awards Program, which recognizes the front-line produce managers who work every day to drive produce consumption
  • Complimentary access to  FreshFacts® on Retail, which provides information on fruit and vegetable pricing and volume trends, category spotlights and consumer demographic insights
  • Complimentary access to Fresh Insights for Foodservice, which showcases fresh produce flavors and trends at restaurants, retail, home delivery and beyond
  • Volunteer leadership opportunities that allow your staff to engage with the full produce supply chain, including the Retail-Foodservice Board, which provides leadership on programs and resources for your sector of the industry, as well as expert councils, including the Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council, the Food Safety Council, and the Supply Chain Logistics Council
  • The Produce Inspection Training Program, where your QA/QC, receiving and distribution staff will receive hands-on instruction on quality control standards, inspection grading and USDA produce procedures and requirements
  • Staff consultation on legislative and regulatory issues, including food safety, social responsibility, menu and nutritional labeling, federal nutrition programs and more

In addition to the direct benefits that supermarket leaders like you receive through United Fresh membership, we offer year long, education opportunities, facilitation of new relationships throughout the supply chain and ongoing training and workshops on topics that are critical to your business.

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For more information on how you can get involved with United Fresh, contact Miriam Wolk at 202.303.3410.

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