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Fresh-Cut Processor

Fresh-Cut Processors: Being United Makes All the Difference

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As a fresh-cut processor, you are literally on the cutting edge of the industry! Your innovations are the key to increasing the convenience of fresh produce and increasing consumption. United Fresh is here to help you with the tools and resources you need to enhance your operations and drive produce sales.

United Fresh has tailored resources to specifically meet your business needs, including:


  • The United Fresh Convention & Expo where you can showcase your company’s most innovative products and learn about trends impacting the fresh produce industry and where you can see the equipment and supply chain solutions to enhance your operations
  • The Fresh-Cut Processor Board, which provides leadership on programs and resources for your sector of the industry
  • Expert Councils that allow your staff to engage with the full produce supply chain on food safety, supply chain logistics, produce marketing and merchandising, finance and administration and government relations
  • Staff consultation on the legislative and regulatory issues that impact Fresh-Cut Processors, including labor and immigration, food safety, federal nutrition programs and more
  • Produce Sales Training to help your rising sales managers learn how to identify customer needs and close sales
  • BrandStorm, an event developed by the Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council to explore new developments in produce marketing
  • Recall Ready workshops and consultation to help your staff understand the fundamentals of a recall and develop a customized communications plan for your company
  • Partnership with the National Association of Convenience Stores to drive increased produce consumption through convenience channels
  • Complimentary access to FreshFacts® on Retail and Fresh Insights for Foodservice – resources you can use to develop your sales and marketing strategy for value-added items, as well as to partner with your retail and foodservice customers to plan product promotions
  • Access to the Legal Labeling Review Service for your company’s proposed final product labels

In addition to the direct benefits that fresh-cut processors like you receive through United Fresh membership, we offer year long, education opportunities, facilitation of new relationships throughout the supply chain and ongoing training and workshops on topics that are critical to your business.

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For more information on how you can get involved with United Fresh, contact Erin Hutchison, Director of Supply Chain Relations, at 202.303.3422.

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