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All Access Education Package

In 2019, United Fresh will provide an All Access Education Package for $1,995 per person. The package consists of one registration for each of United Fresh’s three core programs:

FreshStart 2019 (January 15-17, La Quinta, CA)
United Fresh 2019 Convention & Expo (June 10-12, Chicago, IL)
The 2019 Washington Conference (September 16-18, Washington, DC)

There are two different ways to use your All Access Education Package:

Individual Use

  • You can pre-purchase the package for your own registrations for the three core events.
  • Rather than having to remember to register each time, United Fresh will take care of pre-registering you for each event automatically, saving you time and effort. 
  • Click here to register one individual for all three events.

Share a Package with Multiple People

  • Your company can purchase one or more packages, dividing the registrations as needed across multiple people and programs.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to provide professional development opportunities to multiple employees throughout the year. 
  • Your company can also choose to share these registrations to your customers or industry partners.
  • You can designate the attendees for each program closer to the event. 
  • If you wish to purchase a package to be shared by multiple individuals, click here.

The All Access Education Package is exclusively available to United Fresh members. For more information about the  package, contact Amanda Griffin, United Fresh’s Senior Director, Education & Member Programs at 202.303.3412.