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Member Alert: USDA Announces Produce Box Program as Part of Emergency Assistance

Apr 13, 2021

USDA AMS has announced that it will begin a healthy produce box program as part of the larger Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program, or TEFAP. Click here for more information about the Qualification Requirements for selling TEFAP Fresh Produce. We understand that vendors that have previously received BOAs are automatically included in AMS’ Qualified Bidders’ List.

Questions can be sent to LaShawne Brown, or to with your company name in the Subject line.

United Fresh appreciates that USDA is including fresh produce boxes in the TEFAP program, but strongly urges that a new Produce Box program be developed as part of a fundamental realignment of USDA feeding programs. USDA recently concluded its public listening session and comment period in which it was heard loud and clear across the country that this program is an important new way to deliver fresh healthy foods to people in need.

United Fresh’s 80-member working group on the Produce Box Program submitted some 30 recommendations to USDA on ways to best implement the program for the future, and we look forward to continuing our dialogue with USDA leaders on implementing a much broader new program.

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