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2020 Strategic Initiatives

United Fresh establishes a list of priority issues each year, with detailed policy positions for our industry. With such a diverse industry, achieving consensus across all of produce is a challenge. But, United Fresh is committed to an open and transparent policy process that includes the views of all sectors of our industry. 

Our policy development process begins with the Government Relations Council, which develops a draft policy agenda each fall in anticipation of the coming Congressional calendar. Then, in January, the Board of Directors reviews the proposed priorities and policies, giving final approval to our agenda each year.

Our United Fresh Government Relations Work Plan for 2020 comes off of a successful policy and regulatory agenda during the 115th Congress. 

2020 Strategic Initiatives & Action Plan

Priority Issues

Click on the links below for an in depth look at each of our priority issues. 

                               Farm Bill                                                              Immigration
                          Nutrition Policy                                                             Trade
            Transportation & Infrastructure                                        Organic Policy

Additionally, United Fresh offers downloadable one-pagers on each issue. Click the links below to download each Issue Brief.

Farm Bill Issue Brief

Immigration Issue Brief

Nutrition Issue Brief

Trade Issue Brief

Transportation & Infrastructure Issue Brief

Take Action - Contact Congress!Grassroots Action Network

Make your voice heard! The United Fresh Grassroots Action Network is an important tool in our industry’s effectiveness, as it increases our voice on Capitol Hill. Go to United Fresh’s grassroots website for easy, quick steps you can take to tell Congress to support our priority issues. 

Take Action - Contact Congress!

State Profiles of Produce Across America

Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs Report

Click here to view the report. 

Download Infographic

If you have any questions about these documents, please reach out to Robert Guenther, Senior Vice President, Public Policy.