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United Fresh Food Safety Team

Dr. Jennifer McEntire, Senior VP of Food Safety and Technology

  1. Hometown: East Northport (Long Island), New York
  2. BS Food Science University of Delaware
  3. D. Food Science/ Food Safety Rutgers University
  4. Areas of expertise: FDA food safety regulations, recalls, risk communication, Listeria, traceability
  5. Favorite pathogen: Cyclospora because it doesn’t kill people, and it’s such a mystery
  6. Favorite food safety joke: “Why did the E. coli cross the road?” (chat me if you think you know the answer…)


Dr. Emily Griep, Food Safety Manager

  1. Hometown: Sauk Centre, MN
  2. S. Food Science and Technology, Iowa State University
  3. D. Food Science, Cornell University
  4. Areas of expertise: GAPs, Listeria, Nonthermal processing, International food systems
  5. Favorite microbe: Bacillus spp. sporeformers because I spent 4.5 years studying them in graduate school
  6. Biggest work-from-home distraction: Tending to my indoor and outdoor gardens, and bird watching from my back deck


Katie McGowan, Manager, Food Safety Programs

  1. Hometown: Dallas, Texas (Go Stars!)
  2. BA History and Classical Studies, George Washington University
  3. Favorite produce fact: Apples, pears, peaches, cherries, blackberries, strawberries, apricots, and raspberries are all part of the rose family. So are almonds!
  4. Favorite plant: I have over 20 plants in my office and my favorite plant is the philodendron (I have four at work, plus six more in my apartment!).