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FSMA Resources

Agricultural Water FSMA Resources 

The quality and use of agricultural water is a top concern for members of the produce industry. This page provides resources regarding risk assessment, testing, and much more.

Food Safety Plan Builder & Templates

Food Safety Plan Builder & Templates

The FDA released their Food Safety Plan Builder, a new software tool designed to help create a food safety plan. To freely download the Food Safety Plan Builder application, go to this link:

*Note on the right hand side of the FDA webpage click on “Download the Food Safety Plan Builder Tool,” then fill out the info and hit “Proceed to Download.”

Access templates from the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) you can use to develop your food safety plan. Select the downloadable Word versions so you can adapt them to fit your needs.

*Note that while FDA does not require a specific format, these were developed by the FSPCA, and are used during the Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Training course.

FSVP Importers

If my company is listed as an FSVP importer and believe that it is in error, what should we do to let FDA know? 

FDA publishes the list of FDA importers quarterly based on customs entry filings. If you believe you have been listed in error, FDA suggests you file a Freedom of Information Act request. Based on our discussions with FDA, United Fresh has developed a document on how to file a FOIA request that is likely to provide useful information to you (below).

How to File a FOIA Request

FSMA Compliance Dates and RegistrationImportant Note About Compliance Dates

FSMA Compliance Dates & Registration Information

United Fresh, in collaboration with a dozen other associations, recognizes the confusion around FSMA compliance dates and developed a document that suppliers and buyers can reference as affirmations of compliance are requested.

The purpose of this document is to explain why compliance dates are complicated (especially as related to the Foreign Supplier Verification Program), and why it is not possible to demonstrate compliance with the Produce Safety Rule prior to the regulatory compliance date due to FDA’s acknowledgement of potential changes to some provisions. It also addresses changes in FDA’s facility registration requirements.

FSMA Training Course Information

Produce Safety Network

FDA’s Produce Safety Network (PSN) was established to support the efforts of farmers, regulators, and other key stakeholders to implement the rule. The network consists of FDA produce safety experts, located in various locations throughout the country.


FSMA Resources For Wholesalers And Terminal Markets

GMP Responsibilities of Terminal Market Managers and Tenants

Terminal market vendors may need to work with market managers to make sure that Good Manufacturing Practices are met. Developed in concert with the USDA AMS and the National Association of Produce Market Managers, this short guide summarizes key GMP requirements that may cause confusion and uncertainty between terminal market managers and tenants.  Download the document here.

Get Step-By-Step Instructions On Developing A Food Safety Plan

Have you gotten your copy of “How to Build a Food Safety Plan”? Developed with the support of the National Association of Perishable Agricultural Receivers (NAPAR), the publication walks wholesalers and distributors through the critical process of developing a food safety plan that complies with FDA regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). It also includes templates developed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance that companies can use to develop and implement their food safety plans. The report is available to United Fresh Members for $100 and is $300 for non-members. Purchase your copy here.

Spanish FSMA Resources

FSMA Final Rule on Produce Safety Spanish Translation

  1. Que es FSMA
  2. Programa Verificacion
  3. FSVP
  4. Productos Agricolas Frescos
  5. Agua de Uso Agricola
  6. Perfil Calidad del Agua
  7. PSA Instructor Lider
  8. Controles Preventivos
  9. Plan de Inocuidad
  10. PCQI Spanish

Produce Safety Alliance Spanish Resources

  1. Clicker Questions to Generate Discussion – Supplemental Activity: Preguntas para generar debate – Actividad adicional (PowerPoint)
  2. [Module 5-1] Geometric Means, Statistical Threshold Values, and Microbial Die-Off Rates (longhand calculations): Media geométrica, valor del umbral estadístico y tasa de muerte microbiana (cálculos a mano)
  3. [Module 5-2] Introduction to Selecting an EPA-Labeled Sanitizer: Lineamientos para seleccionar un desinfectante etiquetado por la EPA
  4. [Module 5-2] “What is Infiltration?” – Short Video: ¿Qué es la infiltración? – Video corto con narración
  5. [Module 6] “Name that Zone” – Supplemental Activity: Identifique la zona – Actividad suplementaria – 12/7/17

General FSMA Questions

Take me to FSMA FAQs

Produce Safety Rule vs Preventive Controls? The line for packinghouses and cooling operations is still blurry. Read this co-authored articleby Dr. Jennifer McEntire and Dr. Jim Gorny (formally with PMA), talking about our proposed solution or view the FSMA 101 Presentationby Dr. Jennifer McEntire. 

FDA has a YouTube video, “Produce Inspections for Regulators Virtual Produce Tour intended for produce inspectors, regulators, growers, extension agents, and others interested in produce inspections conducted in accordance with the Produce Safety Rule.

Questions and Answers Regarding Food Facility Registration(Seventh Edition: Guidance for Industry) from the FDA.

FSVP Draft Guidance Summary(By Dr. Jennifer McEntire)

For any questions on these resources or to report broken links, contact Katie McGowan, Manager, Food Safety Programs, via email at or by phone at (202) 303-3402.