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Policy Engagement & X-Change Session

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 | 10:15 – 11:45 am | Washington, D.C.

Gain the most up-to-date information about key policy topics impacting the fresh produce industry and learn to craft your influential message for your United Fresh Washington Conference Congressional visits, including effective strategies to engage with elected officials, policy experts, industry colleagues, and legislative staff. Then, work through an interactive role-playing dialogue to polish your message before delivering your personal appeal to Members of Congress.

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1. Regulation or Legislation, Now Is the Time To Improve Our Labor Climate
With the 2019 congressional calendar winding down and the 2020 elections inching closer, now is the time for our industry to push for labor and immigration reform. There’s likely to be a bill in Congress this September and the Administration has proposed very positive reforms to the current H-2A program. Both efforts are critical to enhancing our future workforce. Get the latest insight on these legislative and regulatory efforts and learn first-hand how you can push Congress to act on reform.


2. Why Trade Matters to the Fresh Produce Industry
Trade has become a focal point of the fresh produce industry since President Trump took office. With passage of USMCA, and trade battles with China, India, and other countries front and center this September, it will be critical for attendees to find a common voice to articulate the importance of trade policy for our industry and how we can create new solutions for addressing trade challenges. Engage in a thoughtful discussion around fine-tuning our trade message to deliver a collective approach to addressing success and concerns.


3. The Fresh Generation: How the Produce Industry Invigorates Nutrition Programs
With a Farm Bill wrapped up, it’s time for Congress to turn its attention to Child Nutrition Reauthorization. Today, children are eating more fruits and vegetables than they were a decade ago because of updated school nutrition standards and a fruit and vegetable voucher in WIC. A new Congress with many freshmen members provides a renewed opportunity to join your industry colleagues in sharing the power of fresh in federal nutrition programs to establish the next generation of fresh produce consumers.


For more information, contact Angela Tiwari, Director of Grassroots & Political Action at 202.303.3416.