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Innovation Spotlight Broadcast


United Fresh’s all-new offering, Innovation Spotlight Broadcast will deliver a series of online education and networking sessions throughout the summer. Discover new produce items, solutions, innovative technologies and other operational efficiencies during these 45-minute sessions.

Innovation Spotlight Broadcasts 


Specialty Agriculture publications
: Are you interested in taking significant steps to improve sustainability in your agriculture practices?

This session took place on June 23 and is available on-demand.

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Meet the 2021 Specialty Grower Sustainability Award winner and learn about the steps they took to run a sustainable operation through agronomic practices and advocacy.

Moderator: Tim Hodson, Editorial Director, Specialty Agriculture publications – Fruit Growers News; Vegetable Growers News; Organic Grower and Spudman

MSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company
Session: MSC, Experts in Reefer Cargo Transportation

This session took place on June 30 and is available on-demand.

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Do you want to learn more about the latest reefer technology and how it keeps your fresh produce in perfect condition? Join MSC at United Fresh’s “Innovation Spotlight Broadcast” for a session specifically focused on mastering the transportation of fruit and vegetables. At the webinar, attendees can expect to learn about the most advanced and innovative reefer technologies, systems, and services to ensure the optimal transport conditions for perishable cargo. MSC’s webinar will include an analysis of new market opportunities, explore business opportunities created by controlled atmosphere systems, as well as offer practical guidance on extending shelf life and reaching more markets.

California LGMA
Session: Pre-Harvest Testing for Lettuce and Leafy Greens

This session took place on July 27 and is available on-demand.

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Members of California LGMA are operating under a new requirement to conduct pre-harvest testing when risk assessments deem it necessary, specifically when grown in proximity to animals. In this session, we will share the guidance and methodology that LGMA members will be using to make lettuce and leafy greens safer.

Castellini Company
Session: Employee Engagement in Times of Great Change

This session took place on August 3 and is available on-demand.

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Employee engagement delivers results. It is a proven fact, and there are a handful of things that you, as leaders, can do to increase engagement of your workforce. This applies whether you have ten employees or ten thousand. Join this interactive presentation where Bonnie Curtis, Chief Human Resource Officer of Castellini Company, provides eight specific actions that will increase your productivity, retention, and business results through engagement at work.

Session: Delivering Freshness Coast-to-Coast

This session took place on August 18 and is available on-demand.

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Speed-to-Market is the key to delivering freshness to the consumer. Where are the opportunities within the international perishable supply chain to get your products into consumers’ hands as quickly and safely as possible? Join our webinar to discuss this topic and have your questions answered by Americold’s perishable supply chain subject matter experts: Brian Kastick and Chris Ryan, Key Account Directors focused on fruit and vegetables. We’ll showcase the value-added services and network capabilities available to you and for your customers so that we can all enjoy the freshest, tastiest produce from around the World.

Deville Technologies
Session: From Simple to Complex: A Solutions Approach

This session took place August 25 and is available on-demand.

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Expecting your vendors to operate as consultative partners with a keen sense of future-proofing and thorough knowledge of current goals is essential to designing with value. In this session, we will be taking a closer look at future-focused, goal-oriented solutions, designing with value, and treating OEMs as a consulting partner.


Popoyan Guatemala
: A New Era for Agriculture in Guatemala – CAMPO
This session took place August 31 and is available on-demand.

Watch on-demand

Through a public-private partnership, Agropecuaria Popoyán has promoted sustainable agriculture practices with smallholder farmers to increase new market opportunities in Guatemala. Learn more about these approaches and new technologies that are contributing to local development in the Western Highlands of the country.


Looking to host your own session?
Present the content of your choice to engage clients and reach new prospective customers. Invite the industry inside your fields or facilities to showcase your latest products and technologies, present thought leadership on a topic, or host a breakout networking session — the choice is yours!

For more information, contact Erin Hutchison, Director, Supply Chain Relations, at 202-303-3422.