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re-Fresh: Saving Foodservice: Rebuilding the Restaurant and Hospitality Sector

A unique and creative approach to the new year

Bienvenue! Velkommen! Aloha! Welcome 2021!

The United re-Fresh Experience is a unique approach to gathering the industry in dialogue to address critical topics was a welcome opportunity for fresh produce companies and professionals to start the new year with purpose.

Now available on-demand, explore ten thought provoking sessions that will guide your business and the industry through strategies and objectives to meet the needs of our new reality.

Saving Foodservice: Rebuilding the Restaurant and Hospitality Sector

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March 2020 was an Armageddon for the world’s restaurant and hospitality industry.  Restaurants were shut down overnight, stayed locked down for months, slowly began to reopen at less capacity, and yet still face new shutdowns.  What will it take to rebuild this critical infrastructure of community, culture and cuisine once we begin to return to normal?


– Steve Grinstead, CEO, FreshEdge


– Matthew Tate, Director of Strategic Sourcing & Category Strategy Leader – Produce, Avendra
– Bobby Stuckey, Co-Founder, Independent Restaurant Coalition
– Dan Simons, Founder and Co-Owner, Farmers Restaurant Group

This session is one of ten offered in the United re-Fresh Experience. Explore all ten thought provoking sessions and purchase a total United re-Fresh Experience package on-demand!

For more information about the United re-Fresh Experience, contact Amanda Griffin, Vice President, Education & Program Management at 202.303.3412.