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re-Fresh: Building Success: Adopting Diversity and Equality into Corporate Culture

A unique and creative approach to the new year

Bienvenue! Velkommen! Aloha! Welcome 2021!

The United re-Fresh Experience is a unique approach to gathering the industry in dialogue to address critical topics was a welcome opportunity for fresh produce companies and professionals to start the new year with purpose.

Now available on-demand, explore ten thought provoking sessions that will guide your business and the industry through strategies and objectives to meet the needs of our new reality.

Building Success: Adopting Diversity and Equality into Corporate Culture

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It has long been established that the case for diversity in business is two-fold. First, organizations that embrace diversity, equality and inclusion tend to perform better than the competition. And second, it’s the right thing to do. 2020 shined a light on the inequities that still exist. In this session, learn the true value of adopting diversity and equality into your corporate culture and explore how we can welcome even more diversity into our industry. 

– Lynne Murphy-Rivera, Managing Director, Americas, Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC)

This session is one of ten offered in the United re-Fresh Experience. Explore all ten thought provoking sessions and purchase a total United re-Fresh Experience package on-demand!

For more information about the United re-Fresh Experience, contact Amanda Griffin, Vice President, Education & Program Management at 202.303.3412.