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This January, join industry peers and leaders to explore ten thought provoking sessions during your United re-Fresh Experience. Break-out peer-to-peer discussions following each presentation allow you to elevate new concepts to inception, resulting in innovative strategies coming to life in 2021.
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Selfcare Strategies for Personal Well-Being in Stressful Times
Starting a new year with resolutions and best intentions is an annual tradition. This year, selfcare rises to the top of the priority list as we seek new strategies and coping mechanisms for navigating stressful times. Gain practice skills for taking care of your personal well-being and learn to redefine “me time” as we head into the next decade.

Finding Balance: Managing Remote and in-Person Work Environments for Success
Office culture quickly changed in 2020 as many employees were forced to plug-in from home due to the pandemic. But, as we know in produce, many roles within an organization are not able to work remotely. Learn strategies for success in a hybrid work environment where maintaining corporate culture while managing both remote and in-person teams is becoming the norm.

Building Success: Adopting Diversity and Equality into Corporate Culture
It has long been established that the case for diversity in business is two-fold. First, organizations which embrace diversity, equality and inclusion tend to perform better than the competition. And second, it’s the right thing to do. 2020 shined a light on the inequities that still exist. In this session, learn the true value of adopting diversity and equality into your corporate culture and explore how we can welcome even more diversity into our industry. 

Creating Flexible Supply Chains to Withstand Future Challenges
From fields and foodservice operations to warehouses and retail stores, COVID has disrupted every link along the fresh produce supply chain. In the early days of the pandemic, we learned that our efficient, just-in-time supply chains weren’t built for flexibility. Now, nearly a year later, we’ve learned how supply chain flexibility is critical to being prepared for future challenges.

Sustainability: Building and Re-Building Initiatives Into Your Operations
Sustainability was the “it” initiative as we started into 2020. Derailed by the pandemic, many initiatives were sidelined and consumers demanded more packaging not less. Now, as the marketplace slowly returns to normal, how can we re-engage to move our many sustainability priorities forward? Discuss how we can develop an even more sustainable future with the new challenges and opportunities brought to light in 2020.

Assessing the Impact of the U.S. Presidential Election
In a country divided, there may be still opportunities for bipartisan cooperation in the next Congress, leading to real progress.  As we head toward the inauguration of our 46th President, we’ll take a deep dive into the Biden Administration and the new Congress and what to expect ahead.

Managing Food Safety Through Disruption and Crisis
Despite a global pandemic, unwavering attention to produce safety cannot take a break.  While companies have had to adopt new practices and divert valuable time and resources to meet the COVID-19 challenges, food safety professionals must keep their focus equally on the business at hand.  One crisis cannot lead to another.

Online Produce Sales: Creating New Buying Experiences
According to Nielsen, grocery e-commerce will be a $100 billion industry by 2025. As the pandemic has accelerated the growth of online shopping, retailers and produce partners are struggling to learn how we can match sales impact of in-store visual and fragrant alure when a shopper is looking at a screen.  There’s no sampling, no smells, no touching. Discuss strategies for how the produce industry might build shopper excitement and spontaneity into online experiences.

Saving Foodservice: Rebuilding the Restaurant and Hospitality Sector
March 2020 was an Armageddon for the world’s restaurant and hospitality industry.  Restaurants were shut down overnight, stayed locked down for months, slowly began to reopen at less capacity, and yet still face new shutdowns.  What will it take to rebuild this critical infrastructure of community, culture and cuisine once we begin to return to normal?

Connecting With Consumers in 2021: The Changing Dynamics of Sales & Marketing
Businesses are connecting with the consumers more directly than ever, not because they want to, but because they need to in order to stay relevant. As changing behaviors¬ – initially driven by the pandemic – have introduced new ways of living, working, connecting and consuming, old attention-grabbing strategies are no longer affective. Explore new dynamics of grabbing consumer’s attention as you navigate marketing and sales strategies in the coming year.

For more information about the United reFresh Experience, contact Amanda Griffin, Vice President, Education & Program Management at 202.303.3412.