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Personalized Facility Produce Inspection Training Program

United Fresh’s Personalized Facility Produce Inspection Training Program, in partnership with International Produce Training (IPT), is hands-on inspection instruction designed specifically for companies wishing to train the entire team on-site at their facility. Instructors will travel to your facility and train your team to become more proficient and knowledgeable about quality control standards, inspection grading, USDA produce procedures and requirements and much more!

Contact United Fresh’s Amanda Griffin to discuss your personalized training options.


United Fresh Produce Association is proud to partner with International Produce Training (IPT) to offer this valuable training opportunity.

About the Instructors

Tom Yawman, Founder & CEO, International Produce Training  

After retiring from the USDA, Tom founded International Produce Training (IPT) in 2007. Simply by listening, he has established a working knowledge of effective training methods using formal training supplemented by “hands on” training. Inspecting commodities alongside the participants, teaching proper cutting methods when looking for internal defects, sampling techniques to ensure inspection results are accurate for the lot(s) being inspected, and identifying defects and their tolerances, has proved to be very rewarding. This experience has given him the confidence to train individuals on how to inspect produce based on industry-specific standards or specs and/or U.S. Grade Standards.

Paul Manol, Vice President / Lead Instructor, International Produce Training

Paul has over 45 years experience in the agricultural industry, both domestically and internationally, developing and applying inspection, grading, and marketing standards for fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, pulses, and legumes. Looking back at all of his experiences with the USDA, serving as a Trainer for fruit and vegetable inspection was his real area of passion. It afforded him an opportunity to develop produce inspection training materials utilized by USDA licensed inspectors as well as by the produce industry. Providing inspection and standards training for produce buyers, salespeople, and quality control/assurance inspectors also gave Paul first-hand knowledge of industry needs pertaining to quality assessment of fresh products.

Training options and pricing

Training Options and Pricing:
This training can be personalized for your company’s needs. The most common training options and price points are included below. 

2-Day Training: This option covers basic inspection training (classroom instruction), plus 5-8 commodities of your choosing. Price point is $15,000 (flat fee).

3-Day Training: This option covers basic inspection training (classroom instruction), plus 9-14 commodities of your choosing. Price point is $17,000 (flat fee).

Reach out to United Fresh’s Amanda Griffin ( to discuss additional training options or for any questions.