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Environmental Protection Agency Rejects Petition To Keep Chlopyrifos From The Market

Jan 31, 2017

United Fresh applauds the decision made last week by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reject an interest group petition to remove the crop protection product known as chlopyrifos, from the market. The product, which is used on a variety of specialty crops, has been the subject of extensive and lengthy review by EPA. In spite of the agency’s own review process uncovering questionable data regarding the impacts of chlorpyrifos and multiple scientific studies supporting the safe usage of the product, the previous administration had recommended it be banned.

Agriculture stakeholders across the crop spectrum, including United Fresh, had urged that the agency ensure that its regulation of the product uphold the solid foundation of unbiased scientific data showing this product could be used safely and effectively. The agency’s decision to reject the effort to remove chlorpyrifos from the marketplace was welcomed by a variety of agriculture grower organizations.

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