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BrandStorm Marketing Firm Sessions

NEW at the 2021 event, BrandStorm™ presented tactical session topics for practical marketing application during six Marketing Firm sessions. Explore new topics from the experts during these break-out sessions where the marketing firms presented tactics, strategies and concepts to bolster your marketing efforts. All sessions were recorded, so you can catch all of these informative topics on-demand!

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FLMH_Logo-1c So Happy Together: Maximizing the Potential of Promotional Partnerships
Learn how to make the most of promotional partnerships ranging from media collaborations to extending the reach of retail promotions, including how to take advantage of opportunities that you didn’t see coming. Case studies will be shared to demonstrate real-world examples of how others in the produce industry are maximizing the potential of their innovative partnerships.
FOODMIX_Logo Consumer Targeting Workshop
Produce brands often start from the ground up – literally. But branding best practices begins with the consumer. How do you align the two – and make sure what you are producing is what they want to buy? This interactive workshop will let you participate in the process of identifying the most profitable target for your brand. In addition, Foodmix will preview its latest Produce Brand Love Study and will make it available to attendees post-conference when the survey results come in later in the spring.
moxxy-orange-logo-CMYK Website Redesign: How to Plan for Success & Avoid Pitfalls
A website isn’t just a digital billboard – it’s a complex and critical business tool that can enable efficient brand communications, lead generation, customer information, employee transactions, supply chain transparency, and more. Whether you are planning a website redesign now or in the future, you should know about issues like ADA Compliance, Voice Search user behavior, and SEO, and more!
Sparkloft wordmark-Blue 2020 Was the Year of Digital Acceleration – Is Your Brand Keeping Up?
Social media and consumer behavior have always evolved rapidly, but that pace grew exponentially during the last year, making it even more difficult for brands to keep up. Our session will help your social efforts catch up to your audience, informing you about evolving consumer behaviors and impact on the produce category, the latest social platforms and how to evaluate their relevancy and how to make the most of your existing resources and budget while staying relevant in the fast-paced digital space
ten acre logo A Sustainability Story That Matters
Sustainability in agriculture is critical, but that doesn’t mean consumers comprehend what that actually entails. However, consumers do recognize and are drawn toward companies who care. This presents a remarkable opportunity for agriculture to tell the story of sustainability to an audience who is engaged and wants to know more about where their food comes from.
WildHive_MainLogo_web Well Aware: Opportunity and Responsibility with Health & Sustainability
Consumer food expectations are higher than ever, and the way consumers define “health” is changing rapidly. The Well Aware mindset defines “health” broadly—considering such attributes as sustainability, traceability, and community impact—and expects brands to uphold the highest standards. How can produce brands seize the opportunity inherent in the Well Aware mindset while building and maintain trust? 

For more information about this event or for information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Mary Coppola, Vice President, Marketing & Communication.