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Engaging Congress At Home

Members of Congress spend a lot of time in Washington, D.C., but are precisely interested in the thoughts and opinions of their constituents back home. Engaging with Congress in your home town is a vital way to familiarize and illustrate first-hand, the impact the fruit and vegetable industry has year-round in the district and across the country.

Showing members of Congress directly how federal policies and regulations effect  your business will resonate and is a great way to build strong relationships with elected officials and staff. They are sure to remember your role in the community and how the fruit and vegetable industry impacts the lives of all Americans. Likewise these relationships enable United Fresh to reinforce and personalize the power of fresh on Capitol Hill. Staying engaged with your elected officials and regular follow-up can make for a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your member of Congress!

Conduct an Operation or Facility TourHow To Guide

Showcasing your business operation or facility with members of Congress is a great way to build working relationships for your company and increase support for the fruit and vegetable industry. Tours of your business provide first-hand accounts of how the fresh fruit and vegetable industry works day in and day out to provide healthy, safe and affordable food to all Americans across the country. Congressional tours allow your elected officials to see the direct impact you have not only on the economy, but within the local community as well. Tours will also demonstrate how federal policies are directly impacting the growth of your business and likewise any challenges you may face as an industry leader.

Please consider hosting a tour when members of Congress are home in the district to tell your story of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Your United Fresh staff is here to help you develop an effective operation tour. If you have any questions or would like to talk to a United Fresh staff member about congressional tours, please contact Angela Tiwari at 202.303.3416.

Attend or Plan a Town HallIncredible Way to Build Relationships

Taking part in a congressional town hall meeting is a way to share your expertise and communicate with your elected officials and policy-makers away from their busy Washington, D.C office. These events take place in your community or district and provide an opportunity for members of Congress to hear directly from you, their constituents, on a wide variety of concerns.

Please consider attending a town hall when Congress is in the district to tell our fresh fruits and vegetable story and how federal policies and regulations are effecting your business. Don’t forget to contact United Fresh staff if you plan to attend a town hall.

If there is not a town hall scheduled, please consider hosting a town hall at your operation, your United Fresh team is happy to provide details of how to conduct one!

Benefits of Attending a Town Hall Meeting

  • Informs and educates members of Congress and community members about the fruit and vegetable industry.
  • Positions yourself as an advocate and issue expert to your members of Congress where you can network with the member of Congress and get to know their staff.
  • Gains possible press coverage of potential issues concerning the fruit and vegetable industry.
  • Ability to use town halls as a platform to network and share information with others in the district to discuss critical issues and connect with other potential advocates, partners, and coalitions.

Talk about Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Tips for Preparing to Speak

  • Encourage fellow industry colleagues to attend with you – demonstrate to your member of Congress, staff, and the community about fruit and vegetable industry issues. You can use this as a base to and build support from likeminded constituents in your community who support your positions.
  • Tell a personal story – first-hand accounts of the impact of policies on your business and use numbers and facts to support your position.
  • Be prepared with accurate, timely, and relevant information.
  • Keep your remarks brief and provide factual information with numbers.

What Next?

  • Leave behind contact and other useful information on your business and industry.
  • Make an appointment at the district office to meet with staff in your hometown.
  • Follow up with Washington, D.C. staff and United Fresh after your discussion.
  • Invite a member of Congress back to tour your facility next time they are in the district.

For questions about how you can get involved, contact Angela Tiwari at 202.303.3416.