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Regulatory Reform

All Americans have a vested interest in a regulatory process that is open, transparent, grounded on facts, respectful of our system of Federalism, that faithfully reflects and implements the will of Congress, and adheres to the separation of powers in the Constitution. When it comes to federal regulations, all affected stakeholders benefit from a process that is fair, generates support and respect from diverse viewpoints, and achieves policymakers’ goals. Farmers and ranchers across the country are uniquely affected by Federal laws and the regulations based on those laws; rural agribusinesses also are challenged on the regulatory front. While farm bill programs such as crop insurance and conservation programs are most readily recognizable as affecting agriculture, producers confront numerous other regulatory challenges. For farmers, regulations don’t just impact their livelihood. Unlike nearly any other economic enterprise, a farm is not simply a business: it’s often a family’s home. When a government regulation affects the ability of a farmer to use his or her land, that regulatory impact ‘hits home’ – not just figuratively but literally. United Fresh believes a fair, transparent, open and updated regulatory process will benefit not just farmers and ranchers, it will reinvigorate public respect for the important and critical role regulations must, and do, play while benefiting taxpayers, environmentalists, small businessmen and women and people in all walks of life.

United Fresh has joined other members of America’s farm and ranch community to call on the Trump Administration and Congress to initiate a process that will draw upon the best of ideas from a broad range of stakeholders. Republicans and Democrats should invite comments from the broadest range of perspectives.  As stated earlier, we firmly believe that all affected parties have a fundamental interest in a process that commands respect; that is transparent; that reflects congressional intent; and that seeks to fairly and evenly balance the interests of all affected parties. We do not believe the system that exists today exhibits those characteristics.

United Fresh has joined over 50 other agriculture organizations to craft a set of specific recommendations for improving our nation’s federal regulatory system in a way that is streamlined, effective, transparent, and provides ample opportunity for public comment. United Fresh also supported H.R. 5, which makes changes to the federal regulatory process to require that federal agencies consider factors such as the legal authority under which a rule may be proposed; the costs and benefits associated with potential alternative rules and any reasonable alternatives to the new proposed rule, among other factors. H.R. 5 passed the House of Representatives in early 2017 and now awaits action in the Senate.