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Power of Fresh Fund


The Power of Fresh Fund provides an opportunity for your company to support critical grassroots education and outreach on the many policy issues we face.

Every day elected officials make decisions that affect your company. The Power of Fresh Fund helps drive needed resources for government relations activities in our members’ local communities and here in Washington, D.C. Produce Power Fund will help drive important industry activities that have returned proven successful results on major government relations initiatives including:

  • Developing tours for legislators and regulators at the farm level along with other types of produce facilities and operations.
  • Bringing industry members together and other top political allies and advocates on to our nation’s Capital to discuss critical industry issues.
  • Providing easy to use technology to contact your elected officials to make your voice heard.
  • Producing important briefing event materials and analysis of key legislative or regulatory actions.

The Power of Fresh Fund makes possible these critical government relations activities than what is funded by dues alone.

Support The Power of Fresh Fund Today!

Power of Fresh FundGrassroots Education & Outreach Additional Information

2015-10-28_13-19-35The United Fresh Produce Association Power of Fresh Fund which supports public policy educational opportunities is essential to making an impact throughout the country. This fund is not used to support candidates elections, but for powerful outreach on the many policy issues we face.

United Fresh recognizes how important it is to educate our leaders on the fresh produce industry and its needs. Your support of the Power of Fresh Fund directly strengthens our ability as an industry to provide information to member of Congress on important public policy issues 365 days a year so they can make informed decision about your business.

When you support Power of Fresh Fund you become a part of an important group of industry leading companies that are directly shaping government policy to drive produce industry growth. Support the Power of Fresh Fund today!

For questions about the Power of Fresh Fund please contact Angela Tiwari, 202-303-3416 or