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In recent years agriculture has seen an increasingly aggressive approach to environmental regulations relevant to our sector. While United Fresh believes in the importance of environmental protections, attacks on crop protection tools such as neonicotinoids and chlorpyrifos and over regulation such as the Waters of the US (WOTUS) rule are problematic for our industry and unnecessary. We are encouraged by President Trump’s calls for environmental regulations on businesses to be rolled back and believe that these regulations, while important, must be based on sound science and achieve desired objectives without creating unnecessary economic impacts. The EPA has also sent a clear message there will be changes to current environmental regulations on businesses and that these rules will not be over burdensome to American businesses.

Congress has consistently found itself unable to agree on legislative solutions.  As a result, a vast environmental regulatory bureaucracy has emerged and filled this void with sweeping, and confusing, new requirements.  These regulations have been regularly imposed on industry with little opportunity for meaningful input and little realistic analysis of their impact.   In fact, environmental regulations make up the dominant share of the business community’s regulatory burden. These regulations must be based on sound science and must not place necessary strains on farmers who provide healthy, nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables for the American people.

EPA regulatory reform promises to be one of the best opportunities for meaningful agricultural reforms in the Trump Administration.  There is near uniformity among agricultural interests, Republicans in Congress and the Administration to lead to meaningful reform.  These changes could go a long way to reducing the costs and bureaucratic maze of regulations affecting agriculture.

United Fresh believes that both existing regulations and new regulations must balance business and economic viability with environmental protections. Farmers cannot afford to lose access to important crop protection tools critical to protecting America’s fresh fruits and vegetables from pest and disease.  United Fresh will continue to advocate for sound science and reduced regulations so that our members may operate their businesses effectively while also mitigating their environmental impacts.

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