Produce Industry Compensation & Benefits Report

2019 Compensation & Benefits Survey

The 2019 Produce Industry Compensation & Benefits Survey will collect compensation information for produce industry members, providing key benchmarks for more than 30 full-time positions within the industry.  This unique benchmarking tool will provide produce industry employers reliable metrics on salaries and benefits for key positions and will help ensure your company is offering competitive compensation to your employees. The final report will offer an efficient way for produce industry employers to know if they are paying their top employees competitively.

The survey is based on a strictly confidential survey conducted of produce industry members by Industry Insights, Inc., an objective outside firm that specializes in such studies for many industries. Survey processing is conducted on an absolutely anonymous basis. No United Fresh staff member nor any company or individual inside or outside the industry, nor anyone else other than a select few Industry Insights, Inc. associates will ever see any individual firm’s confidential information. All data is only reported in aggregate form. The compensation information will be reported only for the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles. In addition, a minimum of 5 responses will be required for any given line item to be reported in aggregate. This will preserve the confidentiality of the information that is submitted by the respondents.

Companies that participate in the survey will be eligible to receive a fully-customized report for their company at the discounted rate of $195.

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For questions or more information, contact Miriam Wolk, Vice President, Member Services, at 202.303.3410 or