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Wholesaler-Distributor Resources

Welcome to the United Fresh Wholesaler-Distributor Resource Library!

This online library offers a range of resources of potential interest to Wholesaler and Distributor industry members, including United Fresh publications, whitepapers, articles, presentations, as well as resources contributed by industry peers, and more.

United Fresh Publications & Resources:

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Wholesaler-Distributor Peer Resource Library:

The Wholesaler-Distributor Peer Resource Library, initiated by the United Fresh Wholesaler-Distributor Board,  is an opportunity for members of United Fresh to share insights and learning experiences from their company operations with their industry peers.  All content is produced directly by member volunteers and reviewed by an editorial committee of the Wholesaler-Distributor board.  The views and opinions in the resources solely represent the views of the author, and authors provide their contact information for comments and questions.

The opinions and ideas expressed in peer resource library articles do not necessarily apply to every company in the industry, but instead are intended as a way to initiate business conversations within your company.  United Fresh makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content of the peer resource library.

United Fresh member companies are invited to contribute articles to the library. You can review our submission guidelines here.  For more information about the library, or to volunteer as a contributor, please contact Miriam Wolk at 202-303-3410 or