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The United Fresh Recall Ready Program gives you peace of mind.

United's Recall Ready Program is an exclusive group of services, education and training that leverages the expertise of the food industry's leading professionals in food safety, legal and regulatory counsel and crisis communication.


Let United's Recall Ready team help you PREPARE for a recall and RESPOND when a crisis occurs.

Choose the best plan for your company. Starting as low as $5,000.

Recall Plan Review
United's experts will review your current plan and provide a detailed report with suggestions to maximize your preparation for the unexpected.

Create a Custom Recall Plan for Your Company
United's team will spend a full day at your facility, working with your team to prepare your company's custom recall plan. Includes discounts on future legal and communications services.

Mock Recall Training
United's Recall Ready team will conduct a full-day mock recall at your facility, including simulated calls from government officials, laboratory results, news media questions, customer inquiries and other surprises.

Engage United's Rapid Response Team
With an annual agreement, you'll feel the confidence of knowing United's Rapid Response Team is standing by 24/7, ready to provide expert assistance from the first moments of a recall crisis.

Download a detailed brochure about the Recall Ready programs listed above.


Limiting Legal Exposure in Recalls

January's webinar, hosted by the United Fresh Grower-Shipper Board, addressed "Strategies for Limiting Your Legal Exposure in Recalls." The webinar took place on Thursday, January 16, 2014 and is part of United's 2014 Webinar Series. This one-hour webinar helped produce companies understand the legal consequences of recall events and identify strategies that companies can use to avoid staggering financial losses and criminal charges in the future. Attorneys David Durkin, Olsson, Frank & Weeda, and Danny Gurwitz, Atlas, Hall & Rodriguez, examined the scope of America's food safety laws, reviewed real-world case studies showing successful legal strategies, and addressed the most critical civil and criminal liability issues facing fresh produce companies today.

To view the webinar online, click here. For questions about the webinar series, please contact Shannon Young, Education Manager, at 202-303-3405.

Managing Risk for Contamination and Recall Events
Know the Options for Safeguarding Your Company

Managing risk has never been more important for produce industry companies. Having general liability and property insurance may not be enough to protect your company.

If you missed the July 10 webinar, a full recording is now available. Tune in to hear about ways to safeguard your company from catastrophic losses associated with recalls, contamination/adulteration, mislabeling and other scenarios.

The expert speakers in this webinar presented information on:

  • How certain types of insurance can yield a competitive advantage
  • How to anticipate events that can disrupt your business or create liability
  • Insurance endorsement options for government recalls and third-party indemnity
  • Case law that demonstrates how companies incurred or avoided catastrophic losses

 The full recording of Recall Ready Risk Management Webinar is available here.

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