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Produce Industry Leadership Program

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The United Fresh Industry Leadership Program is a special opportunity for United Fresh members to advance their leadership skills and knowledge.

United Fresh is dedicated to providing promising, up-and-coming leaders with the tools they need to achieve unprecedented success in the produce industry. The Produce Industry Leadership Program is designed for produce industry professionals ready to take the next step in their leadership journey.

Inside Look at the Program

Aspiring leaders from all sectors of the produce industry embark on a year-long journey to learn, share and grow. The experiences in this program have proved invaluable to the graduates who credit it with jump-starting their leadership roles. Click on the video clips to hear directly from participants about their personal experience in the Program.

History - Established in 1995, the Produce Industry Leadership Program is made possible by a generous educational grant from DuPont Crop Protection. The program has graduated more than 160 "fellows" who have continued their successful careers in the produce industry. Today's graduates are executives of major produce businesses, leaders of prominent organizations, and some of the most well-known people in the industry. Many serve on the boards of directors and organizational committees of the nation's most successful companies.

Development - With extensive involvement from professional trainers, faculty, and leading United Fresh members and DuPont executives, the program focuses on developing four core areas: leadership development; business relationships; government and public affairs; and media and public and communication. The program provides solid foundational knowledge about the issues and challenges facing our industry, as well as practical tools to help individuals improve leadership skills at a formative stage in their career. Customized educational sessions are designed for participants to learn the essential skills they need to be successful.

Expansion - The Leadership Program is designed to expose participants to the many elements of the produce industry and help them think beyond their daily business. Each class is selected to represent a broad cross-section of the industry and brings participants out of their comfort zone to build a better understanding throughout all segments of the business.

Relationships - Each class is limited to 12 participants to help maximize class interaction and learning.  Camaraderie among participants quickly becomes very strong.  Whether touring lettuce fields in California or citrus groves in Florida, building a deeper understanding of each other’s businesses while trekking across the country in a bus, working together through demonstrations in a lab, or supporting each other to step out of their comfort zones, participants learn some of the most important lessons and skills from each other.


The United Fresh Produce Industry Leadership Program is an exclusive program for representatives of United members only. Thanks to a special grant from the program sponsor, DuPont Crop Protection, it is the only ongoing, fully paid national leadership program for the produce industry.

Meet Produce Industry Class 18.

Click here to view photos of Class 18 Central California leadership trip!

Click here to see pictures of each Leadership Class from 1995 to Present.

For general program information, click here or contact Shannon Young, United Fresh Education Manager.

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