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2012 United Fresh Produce Excellence in Foodservice Awards Online Nomination Form

Thank you for submitting an online nomination for the 2012 Produce Excellence in Foodservice Awards Program! Please note that once you use this form to submit the nomination, you cannot return to the page to edit the information. It is highly recommend that you keep a separate copy of your submission (hard copy or electronic file) prior to hitting submit, in case there are any problems sending the data electronically.

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A. Nominees's Contact Information:
Chef's Full Name:*
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B. Person Nominating the Chef
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Chef Business Category:*
Business in Industry & Colleges
Casual And Family Dining
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K-12 School Foodservice
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I hereby certify that all statements made in this nomination are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that selection of winners is the sole responsibility of the United Fresh Produce Excellence in Foodservice Awards Selection Committee. I have notified the chef's supervisor or company representative about my nomination, and he/she approves.
Nominator's Name:
C. Chef's Achievements
Please describe the nominee’s achievements as they pertain to the questions below. Be sure to relate each answer specifically to fresh produce. The more specific the description, the easier it will be to evaluate the nominee’s outstanding work.
1.Creativity in concept development and menu design using fresh produce, including the ability to incorporate produce into culinary trends:*
2. Knowledge and use of proper fresh produce handling procedures:*
3. Produce-related special events or outreach, including, but not limited to, community service projects, local educational outreach, etc.:*
4. Recognition among peers and/or by the company, including, but not limited to awards, additional responsibilities, training and performance-based recognition:*

To submit your application click the submit button below. Please note that once you hit submit, you CANNOT go back to this page to edit your data.

After you have submitted your nomination, you will be given the opportunity to attach files (such as photos) to your nomination on a subsequent page.

Nominations must be received by United Fresh no later than January 16, 2012. Companies may nominate multiple managers, but former winners are not eligible.
The United Fresh Produce Excellence in Foodservice Awards Program Sponsored by
Pro*Act, LLC
For questions about the program or the nomination form, please contact Miriam Miller Wolk, United Fresh Senior Director of Membership, at 202-303-3410 or

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