GAP Harmonization Initiative

In June 2009, the United Fresh Food Safety & Technology Council endorsed a plan to drive harmonization of GAP standards, to reduce audit fatigue and allow operations to focus their food safety resources on achieving food safety, rather than passing audits. This plan evolved into the Produce GAP Harmonization Initiative, an all-industry effort including growers, shippers, produce buyers, government agencies, audit organizations and other stakeholders. Click here for additional background.

The goal of the harmonized standard is “One audit by any credible third party, acceptable to all buyers.” To achieve this goal, the Initiative has developed food safety Good Agricultural Practices standards and audit checklists for pre-harvest and post-harvest operations, applicable to all fresh produce commodities, all sizes of on-farm operations and all regions in the U.S., and has made them available for use by any operation or audit organization at no cost.

For more information about the Produce GAPs Harmonization Initiative, contact contact Dr. Jennifer McEntire or Erin Grether Lootens.

Download the Harmonized Standards

In July 2016 the Technical Working Group updated the Harmonized Standards. The red-lined versions were posted and open for comment until November 21, 2016. The Technical Working Group considered the comments and finalized version 1.1.  

Harmonized Standards

Redline Harmonized Standards

Endorsement of the Harmonized Standard

Audit Organizations Using the Harmonized