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BrandStorm Sponsorships


Gain visibility as an “in-the-know” brand at the produce marketing event of the year as a 2016 United Fresh BrandStorm sponsor!  

BrandStorm™ and its nearly 200 attendees from numerous small family-owned businesses to large, international corporations will once again take San Francisco by storm November 14-16, 2016. Sponsors are a key component to the overall success of this event. Be a leader in marketing services, tools, trends and success – become a BrandStorm 2016 sponsor!

Why Sponsor?

A BrandStorm™ sponsorship uniquely positions you as an industry brand and marketing rain maker. You’ll experience dedicated exposure to an audience of nearly 200 produce industry marketers who are looking for new marketing partners, agencies, and technologies to assist in meeting and exceeding their business goals.

What’s Included?

Lightening Level – $5,000 and up

  • Opportunity to have a branded give-away
  • Recognition on event signage
  • Recognition on the website and the app
  • Hyperlinked logo/listing back to sponsor website
  • One-time use of conference attendee list

Thunder Level – Below $5,000

  • Recognition on event signage
  • Recognition on the website and the app

Become a 2016 sponsor to today!


Explore ways to “own” an area of BrandStorm™!

PROMOTION                                           COST DESCRIPTION
App  $5,000 Live in the hands of all attendees – this is your opportunity to showcase industry leadership in digital communication strategy. 
Badges                                 $3,500 Your opportunity to have your brand and message on the back of all attendees badges. What better way to showcase a Twitter handle to engage attendees?
Lanyards  SOLD Your logo and message on the necks of all attendees – ample opportunity for social media and print exposure as attendees are captured by smartphone cameras throughout the conference.
Registration Area  SOLD Welcome all attendees with a special gift, and the focal point of where everyone comes to collect badges and materials. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase “guerrilla” marketing prowess.
Idea Board  $2,000 BrandStorm is all about generating ideas and sharing them with produce industry peers. Ideas will be shared on Idea Boards in the registration area. What better way to show your innovation than to sponsor the idea boards.
Pen  SOLD With all the ideas attendees will be writing on the Idea Board and otherwise, they’re going to need pens. Be the exclusive pen sponsor and ensure attendees capture their thoughts with your branded pen.
Giveaway Item  $500 (plus cost) Want to have a lasting impression with attendees? Feel free to give an item, trinket or whitepaper when attendees come to register. 


Whether it be at the Opening General Session, at our networking nutrition breaks or in the Concurrent Workshops, United Fresh offers attendees places to congregate and network. Partner with BrandStorm in one of these areas and get big visibility from a large gathering of produce marketers. 

Opening General Session (11/14/16) $5,000 (Exclusive) As the Opening General Session sponsor you will be the first in the minds of the attendees and will allow you to build on the recognition in the following evening events.
General Session 
$5,000 (Exclusive)

Has Word of Mouth Marketing worked for you? Preceding the Welcome Reception, position yourself to be the talk of the evening as this general session sponsor.

Welcome Reception (11/14/16) $5,000 (Exclusive)

Position your brand as the networking firm in the produce industry by showcasing your brand in front of colleagues as they come together to discuss what the next day will entail and share in the excitement of what is to come!

Breakfast & General Session: Retail Panel (11/15/16) SOLD This high-powered event will showcase your company as one the leading visionaries as we forecast on what is to come and how companies can best position their brand in the coming business climate.
Concurrent Workshops: Consumer  
SOLD Consumer behaviors drive produce marketers to make many decisions. Whether we’re measuring their purchasing habits, time spent on Facebook, or diet and exercise behaviors, we’re making decisions based on their actions. Show that your brand is consumer savvy and in-the-know by sponsoring the two Consumer concurrent workshops.
Concurrent Workshops: Communications (11/15/16) $1,500 (Exclusive) Being able to speak your brand language is one thing, but ensuring that others can too is a true skill and one that successful brands have mastered. Show that your company knows how to talk the talk, influence the influencers and maintain brand integrity by sponsoring the two Communications concurrent workshops.
Concurrent Workshops: Branding & Packaging
SOLD You can’t be everywhere at once, but your brand needs to be! Position yourself as a brand expert with this sponsorship. Attendees will learn about branding from the best and associate your brand as one that not only gets it, but lives it! You’re literally everywhere with this sponsorship!
Business Breaks/Registration Area Activity (11/15/16) SOLD Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee? This is your opportunity to position your company while attendees are taking a break and discussing with the peers. Potential for branded coffee mugs (additional expense).
Closing General Session (11/15/16) SOLD Sponsoring the closing general session is the perfect opportunity to have marketers leave with a memorable experience.  What better way to position your company then when the whole conference comes together – this is your opportunity to have your company shine!
Post Conference Tour (11/16/16) SOLD Design/tech/content marketing tour to learn how other businesses and sectors approach brand marketing. Final details to be announced soon!

Contact Mary Coppola, Senior Director, Marketing Communications at 202.303.3425 with questions, to receive more information or develop a customized sponsorship.