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The United Fresh Recall Ready Services are an exclusive group of education and training services that leverages the expertise of the food industry’s leading professionals. This program is a partnership between United Fresh and the legal and communications experts at OFW Law and Watson Green, LLC, among the food industry’s leading crisis counseling firms.

The following documents are helpful resources and tips on how to become prepared if a recall is necessary!

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Sanitation and Sanitary Design

Sanitation and Sanitary Design Information

The following IFPA Sanitary Design document was created in 2003 for use by processing members in evaluating processing equipment for use in fresh-cut processing facilities. It informs processors about equipment features and assists them in choosing products that best meet their needs for proper sanitation, worker safety and processing efficiency.

The following three resources were created by Commercial Food Sanitation and represent the next evolution to the IFPA Sanitary Design guide. They are downloadable spreadsheets that can be used when purchasing equipment or evaluating a facility. There is no “right” or “cutoff” score; these are communication tools to understand the risks associated with certain designs so that the risks can be managed.