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The United Fresh Produce Association
Being United Makes All the Difference

United Fresh Produce Association is the industry's leading trade association committed to driving the growth and success of produce companies and their partners. United Fresh represents the interests of member companies throughout the global, fresh produce supply chain, including family-owned, private and publicly traded businesses as well as regional, national and international companies.  The association was founded in 1904 to represent the produce industry, and recently took the name United Fresh as a result of the 2006 merger of the United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association and the International Fresh-Cut Produce Association. United Fresh will continue the shared mission of IFPA and UFFVA to promote the growth and success of produce companies and their partners. As fresh-cut and other forms of value-added processing continue to fuel industry growth in meeting consumer demand for high quality, convenient produce, the association will continue to provide the highest level of expertise and management support for members in these critical areas. United Fresh will concentrate its initial efforts in delivering the highest possible level of value to members in the following areas:

Leadership in government relations, issues management and media advocacy

United Fresh is the only broad produce association based in Washington, DC; combining strong Board leadership, a Government Relations Council of leaders from industry and allied produce associations, and a seasoned expert professional staff in all aspects of public policy, government affairs and media relations.  Combining resources from IFPA and UFFVA, United Fresh delivers unmatched value in shaping legislative, regulatory, political and legal solutions to challenges threatening the industry's growth and profitability, while providing the strongest possible voice for the produce industry before the news media.

Leadership in food safety/quality assurance/nutrition and health

United Fresh will capitalize on IFPA's strong record in fresh-cut safety and quality assurance, with UFFVA's long commitment to food safety regulatory affairs and government relations.  United Fresh blends the member-led food safety and technical committees of IFPA and UFFVA, as well as the staff expertise of Dr. Dave Gombas leading food safety efforts, and Dr. Lorelei DiSogra directing nutrition and health programs.

Focus on innovation/business growth through increased produce sales and profitability
United Fresh will place an unparalleled focus on driving innovation, profitability and increased sales for the produce industry overall, and particularly for member companies. The United Fresh 2014 convention is designed to stimulate overall industry innovation and growth, and will provide individual companies targeted, complementary business-to-business marketing opportunities, rather than duplicative events or an old-fashioned one-size-fits-all approach.

Synergy, efficiency, enhanced member value
United Fresh combines the synergies of two Boards and staff expertise, with the efficiency of a single organization in order to reinvest in direct member programs and services.  By combining forces, United Fresh is driving overhead costs lower, enhancing member company time efficiency in volunteer leadership, and reinvesting in the cutting edge services members need.  The new United Fresh Produce Executive Development Program launches the first-of-its-kind executive-level business management training program for our industry.

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